Panzer Corps v1.11 Update


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This patch will update Panzer Corps to v1.11.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a crash bug related to the "Undo" option when being ambushed.
• Fixed a ZOC issues related to the "Undo" option.
• Fixed a number of map string bugs including issues in other languages and invalid strings in save/load.
• Fixed a few issues when using Panzer Corps 1.10 with mods intended for 1.05.
• Fixed cities and airfields in muddy and frozen tilesets to match dry tileset.

• Added all desert-related tiles to muddy and frozen tilesets.
• Added new option to the Editor (Scenario Params, General tab): "Clean reserve after deploy".
• This allows you to design campaigns with part of the core force.
• The editor now allows negative hero bonuses.
• Custom unit's max strength is now preserved after upgrade.

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