Panzer Elite Patch 1.08


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1. Player switches tanks when destroyed (single player)
Next available player is searched
Only available when Wingman are ok

2. Player switches tanks when destroyed (Multiplayer)
Next available tank is searched
Only available when Wingman is ok

3. Player can switch tanks manually (Single, Multiplayer)
Player must switch to wingmans camera view (use mousetank)
If Wingman is status ok hit Ctrl-J to switch to that wingman

4. Collision with trees and Infantry no longer stops tank

5. Multiplayer: Keys for camera up/down in external view disabled to prevent cheating

6. Multiplayer: If wingman get destroyed the external camera of that wingman is deactivated to prevent cheating

7. Its no longer possible to drive into houses without destroying them (cheat in Multiplayer)

8. Damage for houses and surface are now shared among network players

9. Multiplayer Messageloop updated to improve reliability

10. Realism Panel is now in the main menü and can influence instant action (NEW!), single scenarios as well as campaign games

11. Switch to disable shadows (night mods)
(File: PE_GAME.INI, Section: HAL, Parameter: DisplayShadow)
If this parameter is missing or 0 shadows will be ON, otherwise off.
If shadows are off the fog and rendering distance is adapted to simulate the limited visibility during night missions.

12. Assault Guns now fully playable. Parameter 0/AGxx in unitdata now defines the angle the cannon can move left/right for assault guns.

13. Mousetank/Textwindow stays OFF when turned off

14. Collision Detection now also works when driving reverse

15. CustomA, CustomB, CustomC campaigns enabled when paramater "Enable_Custom_Campaigns" in section "Menusystem" is ON (=1). A "men" file needs to be defined to show them though.

For the full list of changes view the readme file...

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