Panzer General III - Scorched Earth v. 1.1


Total votes: 29

Five new hypothetical scenarios have been added:

Showdown at Berlin; USA and UK vs. USSR 3-player multiplay.

Pilsen to Prague; USA vs. USSR - Patton leads 3rd Army into Czechoslovakia.

Down the Danube; USA vs. USSR - the US attempts a sweep south of the main Soviet forces into Hungary.

Wild Ride to Warsaw; USA vs. USSR - the US attempts to take Warsaw and isolate the Soviet armies in western Poland.

All or Nothing at All; USA vs. USSR - US forces attempt to block Soviet relief efforts and force an armistice.

Guderian Campaign where Rostov scenario would drop to desktop.

Several Zhukov and Konev scenarios would end by destroying a unit or capturing a secondary victory hex.

Missing text for some scenarios and briefings.

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