Platoon v1.12 Patch


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This patch will udate your version of Platoon to 1.12, and fix various problems
concerning resolution gameplay, and multiplayer.


* Display Resolution bug:
Under win98 with a gf3 FX If you choose a higher resolution than 1024 x 768,
the mouse
pointer appears in double. The consequence is that neither campaign nor
scenario can be
started. This problem doesn't concern lower resolution. With the mouse pointer
duplicated, you can no longer use the "Start" nor the "Back" button which makes
tutorial the only thing you can run.

* Multiplayer desync:
After 3 games desynchronisation occured. With this patch the out of synch
problem is fixed.

* Game Play:
Sometimes when you were trying to mount into an APC, both the apc and the
mounted unit
were getting stuck and unsuable (testable on mission 8).

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