Prince of Qin v1.30 Expansion and Patch


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This patch will update Prince of Quin to version 1.30.
The Overlord of Conquerors expansion will also be added after applying this patch.

"We will be launching the Prince of Qin Online Expansion Pack, "Overlord of Conquerors" on 12 Nov. by around 5pm (GMT +8.00).

If you have not downloaded the patch yet, grab it now and standby. Remember, do not patch yet till we give word that the server is ready!"


I. Higher Level

• In POQ Online, there are totally 120 levels for characters, but now players can reach level 160.
• Two new types of scenes, water villages in the south of the Yang-Tse River and the mysterious Holy-Dragon Palace and ten new places will be added.
• More than ten types of new NPCs will be added including Xiang Yu's troops, the army of Chu, and various brutal monsters.
• Many new quests will be added through which players can experience how Xiang Yu became the Overlord of Conquerors.

II. New Skills and Items

• Skills of classes 6 and 7 will be added and these new skills are more powerful and brilliant.
• The expansion will make the five types of heroes more balanced. Some less powerful hero types will be improved.

• Items, weapons and medicine of levels 10-16 will be added.
• New raw materials and higher-level crafting skills will be added. The four ancient treasures are no longer the most desirable things in the game.

III. A New Method to Learn Skills

• An Intelligence system will be introduced into the game. Besides through the Book of Changes, players can learn skills through increasing their own Intelligence. Players can also obtain Intelligence points after they kill some NPCs in mysterious caves.
• Three special quests will be available through which players can learn one skill of class 5-7.

IV. Other New Functions

• The Canon of Internal Medicine will be added to allow players to retrieve previously allocated attribute points.
• Players can now have up to 5 storage kits.

• A player who kills another player will obtain a piece of jade called Soul-Seal.
• Players will be in an invincible situation for 15 seconds just after they enter a scene. In this way, players will be protected from an ambush.
• Players with little RAM in their pc's can choose Express mode to guarantee the game runs smoothly.

V. Key Modifications

• Since too many summoned beasts may adversely affect the game, the expansion will only allow a maximum of 5 types of summoned beasts at one time. Meanwhile, the HP and Attack Power of summoned beasts will be increased to keep the game balanced.
• The bug whereby repairing equipment costs little or nothing has been fixed.

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