Quake 3: Rocket Arena 3 v1.6 Client


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The first RA3 release in two years is now available for download. The full client is 101MB, and the upgrade from 1.5 is 25MB. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available.
Here is a summary of the changes in the new version:

*Many bug fixes, including SuperPummel, Silent Jumppads and the "Specbug"
*Support for pure servers and PunkBuster
*Mac support
*New console commands: ready, cg_noProjectileTrail, cg_oldtruelightning, cg_crosshairColor, cg_crosshairStats
*The stats command has a new look, it shows stats for all the weapons.
*Stats overlay
*Railgun-look options
*New 'OSP' look shaft or the old shaft
*Invite a spectator to your team
*Ignore chat from specific player.
*Chat escape sequences
*Three new maps: Mid Night, Stormator Complex, and q2dm1-ish

Mod Info:

All the goodness of Rocket Arena 2 and much much more. Rocket Arena 3 will redefine what a mod can and should be, going beyond simple gameplay and map additions and adding to the core engine itself. Thanks to the power of client side code in Quake 3, a huge number of features never before thought possible will now take Rocket Arena 3 to that next level. Welcome to the next generation of Rocket Arena, and the next evolution of Quake.
*Custom map set by a team of experienced mappers
*16 Multi-Arena maps with over 64 arenas to frag in
*Four styles of gameplay:
*Rocket Arena - The original game of 1v1 or small team combat
*Clan Arena - An improved version of Rocket Arena 2's popular pickup mode
*Red Rover Arena - An innovative new team game that eliminates waiting and insures non-stop action
*Practice Arena - Fight until your fingers bleed
*Enhanced custom menu system
*New "true-lightning" client-side option to stiffen your shaft
*Ultra-smooth new trackcam and eyecam code
*Custom scoreboards with color-coded ping and packet loss readouts
*Simple voting through the new menu system, including the ability to vote between the four game types
*In-game menu based admin allow server operators and their delegates full control
*Arena locking and competition mode to facilitate fair clan play
*14 track soundtrack with over an hour of music to frag to

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