Quake 4 - Rocket Arena 4 0.5 BETA 2


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Rocket Arena is very similar to standard deathmatch, in that players battle it out against each other for survival. The major differences are that the players all start with identical resources (including weapons, ammunition, health, and armor) and that all resources are removed from the map (preventing players from improving their condition). These two conditions focus the gameplay towards fighting and away from more traditional deathmatch techniques that involve resource domination.

Each Rocket Arena game contains one or more rounds. Each round begins by spawning players randomly throughout the map, or arena. Once a player is fragged, he or she is removed from play, and allowed to spectate. When one team has no more players in the arena, the other team wins the round and the next round begins. The team that wins the most rounds, wins the game. Games are played continuously.

The second beta release of the Rocket Arena 4 mod. This version is compatible with the Quake 4 1.1 Point Release. What's new:

*Competition mode.
*Demo playback fixes.
*Added falling damage vote.
*One new map, and the previous ones updated.
*Many bugfixes.

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