Quake III Arena v1.25 point release


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Since the release of Quake III Arena in 1999, id's development team has been working to address issues that have risen within the code. These issues involved correction of newly discovered errors, responding to requests for new features, adding features to improve on-line functionality, and ways to allow beneficial and fun game modifications -- while still making it hard for players to cheat.

With this point release or "patch," our primary focus is to bring the original Quake III Arena operation up to date with many of the improvements to be found in Quake III: Team Arena, the first official add-on pack for Quake III Arena. In addition, the point release addresses on-line cheating, adds some new gameplay features, including the ability to participate in MPlayer's new Global Rankings statistic tracking, and eliminates the CD check for the single player game and for setting up servers running bots.

This point release is intended to be installed on top of the v1.17 point release made earlier in 2000. If you have an out-of-the-box, unmodified installation of Quake III Arena, you will need to install the v1.17 point release first.

In addition to replacing the Quake III Arena excutable file, v1.25 also installs pak4.pk3, a new id Pak File in your baseq3 directory. This new Pak File contains information that will overwrite and/or add to assets currently used to play the game. The changes and new assets focus on updating bot function, modifying the user interface, and adding new game play sounds.

These changes do affect basic game play, so authors of modifications to Quake III Arena should take note.

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