Raven Shield Multiplayer Demo v1.1a Patch


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This is a patch for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Multiplayer Demo.
It adds a new gameplay mode, a new level, and contains many fixes.

What's new in version 1.1

Design enhancements
-Frag grenade explosion radius is larger
-Claymore mine explosion radius is larger
-Remote charge explosion radius is larger
-Switching weapons is faster
-Performing actions is faster such as going onto ladders, changing postures,
and throwing grenades
-Crouch strafe and crouch back are faster
-Maximum reticule "bloom" is smaller...basically it never gets larger than when
you walk fast even when you turn quickly
-Reticule recovery speed is faster
-Penalty for falling from low heights is gone
-Implemented a 3 second in-game pause before each round begins
-Chat display area is now 6 lines
-...and tons of polishing

Bug fixed
-Floating elements (HBS/Helmets/Grenades)
-Connection for slow PCs (which cause a black screen)
-Getting stuck on ladders
-Switching weapon
-Sound Error Messages
-Fix some cheat issues
-Death Physics improvement
-Misc. Network Optimization

Other than that, here is some new additions:

New Game Mode: Escort the Pilot
Goal: Green team must escort a downed pilot, played by one of their own, to the extraction zone, while Red team must prevent him from reaching the extraction zone

New Map: Import/Export Company
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

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