Raven Shield v1.1 - v1.2 Patch [US English]


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This patch will update Raven Shield v1.1 to v 1.2, and add a few fixes to the game.


This patch is released to fix two main things. First, it enables compatibility between versions using different alphabets (cyrillic, latin, asian, etc.).
Secondly, it serves as a client upgrade to support future Linux and Windows(TM) stand alone dedicated servers.


- Enables interoperability between localized versions with different alphabets for internet games.

- Fixes the "ready button" problem where players could not press it and had to wait for the in between round timer to run out.

- Fixes the crash issue with the server list. The list is now displayed in a multi-page format with a maximum of 400 servers per page.

- The server filter settings are now kept even when you quit the game.

- Karma (ragdoll effect) has been updated, after much research inspired in part from what has been done by the community.

- Includes support for future Linux and Windows stand alone dedicated servers.

- Removed the network connection check that was done even when in single player mode.


We acknowledge the absence of an interface to indicate that a map is being currently downloaded. We are hopeful that a fix for this issue will be available in the next patch.

ASE will be "officially" supported in the next patch. We are still experiencing with an easy, user-friendly way to deal with it.

Linux and Windows(TM) stand alone servers will soon be available for people who wish to run dedicated's on their T1

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