Raven Shield v1.3 Patch [US English]


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This patch will update Raven Shield version 1.0 to version 1.3.


Patch 1.3 contains engine optimisations to prevent framerate drop during
firefights. A new ban system allows hosts to ban cd-key instead of player IP.


- Optimisation to prevent framerate drop during firefights. We now only spawn one of non-visible impacts out of 16. This reduces the number of decals and the number of particles/Wall effects. Also first person weapons are no longer affected by projectors.

- Fixed map download, there's now a visual effect related to downloading the map. Map files are saves to a temporary folder and allow you to play
immediately after downloading.

- Server restrictions work now correctly for high capacity mags, demolition kit, electronic kit, lockpick kit, and gas mask.

- To prevent people telling enemy position by changing their name, the name and setname functions only allow one change every 60 seconds.

- Implemented a new ban system linked to CDKEY. When a host bans a player, the ubi.com id number of the banned player appears the player banlist.ini. This player may no longer join the server anymore. To unban a player the host needs to delete the appropriate player number. To find out your ubi.com id use the command myid in the console. This id number is also be listed in the ravenshield.ini file.

Refer to the Other part of the document for more details about the system

banlist.ini is created when host player uses the ban command for the first
time. The file is located on the servers machine in the system folder and can be edited.

- fixed a sound bug that makes the editor crash when you convert stereo sound to mono.

- ASE is now officially supported by RVS.


Here is in details the way the new ban system works

New command:

A player banned from a server may appeal to a server administrator to become unbanned. To do so, the player will need to tell the administrator his id, which can be displayed by using the MyID command in the console. Alternatively the player may look up their id in ravenshiled.ini by searching for m_szGlobalID.

New admin commands:
To unban a player the server needs to manually edit the banlist.ini and remove the banned players id. You can also unban someone in the console by using the following commands: UnBan, BanList, NextBanList, and UnBanPos

UnBan #####
If you have the id of the player you want to unban, simply issue the unban
command with the player's ID. Player ids consist of 32 characters, however you may only need to enter the id prefix assuming there is only one match. If there is more than one match you must enter the entire 32-character id.

BanList, Banlist #####
BanList displays the server's first 10 banned ids. If you add an id prefix it displays the first 10 matching banned ids. Each id in this list has a corresponding position, which is used with UnBanPos command.

NextBanList, NextBanList #####
NextBanList displays the next 10 matching ids using the same criteria as
BanList. Using NextBanList without first using Unban or BanList causes an

UnBanPos #####
UnBanPos allows you to use the position index of a players id displayed using BanList or NextBanList. After using UnBanPos you must use BanList or
NextBanList before trying this command again

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