realMYST Patch 1.1


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Issues resolved by the realMYST™ Patch 1.1:

*Sound plays on both sides without separation in some scenarios, such as, the ship rising out of the water in the Pillar Walkway.

*The program crashes in the Generator room in the Spaceship.

*In the Stoneship Age: In Sirrus and Achenar room 3, you are able to run under the door, then, there is no way to escape from the room. Closing the door should lock your movement until the door closes.

*In Channelwood: You fall out of the window that has no walkway.

*Closing the Spaceship door on Myst Isle results in the inside of the Spaceship disappearing.

*In the Selentic Age: If you run underneath the door with the green button, the door will close on top of you and the room turns black.

*The ESC key pauses to the main menu, but pressing the ESC again does not re-enter the game, but, rather, returns to the main menu again.

*In the Mechanical Age: Buttons on the podium that open the linking room door have stripes on them.

*In the Planetarium, when the background is the clock tower side: clicking the switches to the UP direction causes the background to flash and display an unexpected corrupt graphic. This is particularly likely to occur when a Voodoo 5500 video card is installed.

*On the dock on Myst Island, a flash of white occurs when clicking on the door to the Digital Imager.

*You can move through the island when exiting the Tree Elevator. Such freedom of movement should not be possible. A flash of white may also occur.

*You cannot strafe from the number pad.

*realMYST will not function correctly with a Diamond Viper II video card installed. You will experience graphic issues and the game will eventually crash.

*In the Rime Age: The tip of red button can be seen through the wall when you are at the top of the elevator.

*In Stoneship: You are able to fall into the floor between the door of the linking room.

*The issue with the slider bars in the realMYST Setup program has been resolved.

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