Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.4 Update


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This update will upgrade your retail Return to Castle Wolfenstein game to version 1.4. Any version of the game will be updated with this patch.

1.>Fixes added in 1.4
Soldier/lieutenant would lose all weapon functionality when dropping weapon while throwing a grenade. Can't drop weapon while holding grenade now.

Engineer would lose weapons by leaning while dropping dynamite.

Using /kill while at MG42 forced player to stay in MG42 animation mode after respawn.

Fixed buffer overflow crash caused by a long say command.

Addressed some minor flamethrower exploits.

Addressed some minor air strike exploits.

Prevented centerview exploit on sniper rifle.

Limbo chat now wraps.

Lieutenant ammo pack gives 8 colt/luger rounds.

No longer get impure client if connecting to server during map change.

2.>New features added in 1.4
Weapon Prediction enhancement for multiplayer games:
Hitscan weapons (such as Pistols, Light Machine Guns and Rifles) have been balanced for connection latency, leveling the playing field between those on modems and players with a faster connection. Additional checking ensures that people on fast connections don't get shot once they've already hidden themselves from a modem user.

Multiplayer Browser:
Server "Ping" text colors have been changed to yellow or white. This will help determine the servers that have enabled the Anti-lag weapon prediction enhancement.

-White "Ping" servers mean that Anti-lag weapon prediction is ON.

-Yellow "Ping" servers means that Anti-lag weapon prediction is OFF.

Filter Servers Button:
Allows players to sort Anti-lag servers via a filter option. Players can now toggle the "Show Antilag" field to: Both, Yes, or No.

-Both - Shows servers ALL servers regardless of Anti-lag settings.

-Yes - Shows only servers with Anti-lag weapon prediction set to "1" which is on.

-No - Shows only servers with Anti-lag weapon prediction set to "0" which is off.

In-Game Options Menu:
Now has a Server Info button that gives you the current settings of Anti-lag within your game. This gives players an in-game method of determining whether Weapon Prediction is on/off.

New PunkBuster commands for improved admin control

Improved speed for AutoDownload feature

Added "Auto-Reload" option, selectable in the menu or the Cvar command cg_autoReload

Added ability to add web links for users to get more information about mods, maps, and servers

Added voting configuration

Added in-game server info in options menu:
-Go to mod URL: Should point to the homepage of the mod (if provided).

-Go to server URL: Should point to the homepage for the game server.
NOTE: By clicking on the "Go to server URL" button, you will exit your current Wolfenstein session.

The server info popup and the server connection error diagnostic screen show quick jump buttons to those URLs if defined.

Improved Message of the Day (MOTD) support

Added team based max lives

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