RUNE v1.07 patch


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The latest patch will update any PC version of Rune - English or foreign - to 1.07. You must have Rune fully installed on your system before running this upgrade. This patch contains all the bug fixes from the English 1.06 patch and the updates from the latest HOV 1.07 patch (specifically a server crash bug).


- Occasional server crash bug fixed
- TrialPit slowdown bug
- Loki2 script bug in zombie transform pit
- Don't hurt teammates when you land on them
- DarkDwarf didn't attack players using spirit powerup
- Taunt only once bug
- Swapping magic shield bug
- Avalanche shouldn't kill teammates
- Shield meter doesn't update on clients
- Weapon swinging sounds not playing correctly
- Disallow breaking shields of people in neutralzones, by a non-neutral-zone player
- Don't hurt teammates shields in team DM
- Ice/Stone powerups in neutralzones
- Avalanche doesn't do any damage bug
- Empathy versus Empathy infinite loop bug
- Infinite spirit powerup cheat fixed
- Fixed some problems with severing limbs on certain models
- TownRagnar and ShipWreckRagnar now start with full health. New models to use while playing!
- Draw weapons while going underwater bug
- Shields in neutralzones
- Stand-up telefrag bug
- Infinite bloodlust after suiciding fixed
- Timeout/connection problem messages when starting up the game
- Fixed bug with team game team selection
- Fixed ReadSCM problem in 98
- New player model: Jun
- Shields block thrown weapons
- Attacking blocks thrown weapons
- ModMenu code (thanks to Rus 'Nurail' Clark for this)
- GameType list in Menu
- AllowCreatures defaults to on
- Added don't respawn flag on ActorGenerated objects
- Defend faster
- ZTarget disabled in multiplayer
- Transparency w/fog
- Proper SarkRagnar (non-cheat)
- New system for importing models (using SubstituteMesh)

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