Runes Of Magic Patch v5.0.6.2616 To v5.0.7.2611


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What's New in This Patch:
• New Content
• Merdhin Tundra
• Instance: Bedim
Bank has been expanded:
• A new Tab was added to the Personal Bank, hosting specifically ItemShop items (up to 100 slots)
• Flower Festival
• New world Boss Zalkenrys
• Level cap increase to level 77
• Adjustments
• Phirius Shell Shop Items changed as follows:Level 72 (League) series Equipment: changed from 250 to 200 Phirius Shells.
• Level 75 (Rogue) series Equipment: changed from 350 to 250 Phirius Shells.
• Level 77 (Icy Lake) series Equipment: 300 Phirius Shells.
• Mistakes/Bugs that were corrected
Library system (Guild Castle):
• If there are less than 30 players using the library at the moment when player clicks library to clear the debt, a message saying “The library is currently busy” will not display anymore.
Adjusted library system:
• Library I (112688): It takes 120seconds to clear debt.
• Library II (112689): It takes 110seconds to clear debt.
• Library III (112690): It takes 100seconds to clear debt
• Library IV (112691): It takes 90seconds to clear debt.
• Library V (112692): It takes 80seconds to clear debt.
• Library VI (112693): It takes 70 seconds to clear debt.
• Library VII (112694): It takes 60 seconds to clear debt.
• Library VIII (112695): It takes 50 seconds to clear debt.
• Library IX (112696): It takes 40 seconds to clear debt.
• Library X (112697): It takes 30 seconds to clear debt.
Adjustments to the effects of the following items in Pumpkin Festival:
The stack amount of the following items has been changed to 99. Now they will share the cooldown time with the Phirius potions and cannot be used in Residence and battle areas:
• Sugarcane Candy: now it restores HP and MP by 10%.
• Pumpkin Pie: now it restores HP and MP by 20%.
• Lollipop: now it restores HP by 10%.
• Chocolate: now it restores MP by 10%.
• Pumpkin Pizza: now it restores HP by 30%.
• Pumpkin Soup of Happiness: now it restores MP by 30%.
• Adjustments to the cooldown time of the following items. Now they share the CD time with the Phirius potions.
• Milk Candy
• Rainbow Lollipop
• Brute Strength : Now Mage/Warrior level 70 elite skill Wisdom and Bravery gives extra stamina only when the player is in the combination of mage (primary) and warrior (secondary).
• Revival points: Adjustments to the revival point in the instances to enable the players to return to the instances more quickly.
New locations available:
• Hall of Survivors: Zone2
• Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom: Zone11
• Tomb of the Seven Heroes: Zone15
• Kulech Bones Nest: Zone23
• Relationship party XP: Now players can also obtain relationship party experience points when they are in groups and raids.

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