RuneSword II Patch 2.1


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Version 2.00 to 2.1
(2.81 MB)


Added Keyboard Shortcuts: W - Wait, L - Listen, K - Skills, T - Talk, Ctrl-S - Save, Ctrl-L - Load, Ctrl-Q - Quit, E - Equip, Z - Status, S - Search, Ctrl-M - Toggle Music, Ctrl-W - Toggle Sound Effects, Ctrl-Z - Toggle Game Speed.

Camping is now allowed any time after 150 turns. Between 150 and 250, you are tired. After 250 turns, you are exhausted. After camp, you then have to wait another 150 turns. Overall, I think it makes more sense.

Now Pre/Post-Equip and Pre/Post-UnEquip events can be attached to Creatures.

For bug fixes & complete details see Official Fixes URL.

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