Serious Sam: The Second Encounter v1.50 Beta Patch


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This is a beta patch for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. This will add a large list of fixes and features to improve the second Serious Sam title.

Full Description:

This is the public BETA release of the upcoming 1.50 patch for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. All previous versions can be upgraded directly to 1.50. Note that this is a BETA patch, and therefore will inevitably have some bugs in it. It is being released for you to try out the new features and revised netcode, as well as for bugs to be found and worked out. Please submit bug reports! Bug reports should be sent to and should include a detailed description of the problem, your operating system, video card and driver revision, sound card and driver revision, and processor.

The new features in this patch are:

- full hardware 3D sound (with EAX) with support for dolby surround 5.1
- optimized rendering (5-20% faster)
- support for occlusion culling
- major improvements to skeletal animations (seen in updated tech-test level)
- support for hardware vertex & pixel shaders (seen in updated tech-test level)
- Parhelia triple-head support (support for three monitors)
- detection of newer graphic cards (ATI Radeon 9700/pro, ATI Radeon 9500/pro, ATI Radeon 9000/pro, NV GeForceFX, Matorx Parhelia, SiS Xabre 600/400/200)
- no more syncbads in multiplay
- recoded demo rec/playback (no sync problems) and more...

The delay was mainly caused by problems in Internet multiplay, and that is the reason for this version still carying the 'Beta' mark. Single play is all green, better than ever, and lan multiplay is doing fine too.


1.50 is not net-game compatible with older versions. everyone need to upgrade - both servers and clients.
Save games and demos are NOT retained from older versions to 1.50
NOTE: Installing this patch will reset your video, audio, network and game settings. This is needed to reapply new fixed settings for some configurations. Player settings and any scripts that you wrote will remain. (I.e., PersistentSymbols.ini is reset to all defaults.). Demos and saved games will NOT be retained.

+ network switched from lockstep action processing to proper server-client
+ new demo recording and playback
+ synchronisation checks removed, they are no longer neccessary
+ hardware 3D sound
+ 5.1 surround support implemented
+ vertex and pixel shaders implemented for SKA
+ occlusion culling implemented
+ triple-head support implemented
+ 'Makefont.exe' - new font creator

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