The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Patch v1.09


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This incremental patch will update The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom to version 1.09

•Game duration time is now displayed when hovering the mouse cursor over the icon in the bottom left corner. Clicking the slider locks it into position
•Gameplay speed in singleplayer games can be changed now (Slow/Snail [75%], Normal/Mouse [100%], Fast/Rabbit [150%])
•The weather effect settings can be modified in the gameplay menu
•Text fields now support the paste feature (CTRL + V)
•Added a spam protection to the chat system
•Player icons now show if other players are human or an AI
•Added a link to The Settlers My City - Facebook game
•Improved resource marker

Bug Fixes
•The game will no longer crash if a sector is conquered in the same moment as a workshop inside is completed
•A general will not attempt to retreat to the sector he is currently in
•Street upgrades after an earthquake work correctly now

New Content
•Enjoy the fifth and ninth campaign map, optimized for skirmish and multiplayer

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