The Settlers IV v1.10.908


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Under some circumstances it was possible the mushroom farms of the Dark Tribe could not be destroyed - fixed.

The number of level 1 special units that should be produeced was sometimes accidently switched to zero - fixed.

Soldiers stopped patroulling if you set a building place on one of their waypoints - fixed.

Strength of saboteur reduced by 25%.

The Mayan blowgunfighters now work only against enemy soldiers.

Under some circumstances donkies produced unlimited goods in combination with a market place - fixed.

Games crashed when you have destroyed a new settlement cart - fixed.

Save of random maps in free settlement modus is now working correctly.

Only new settlement carts can be attacked now, no other carts.

"Jumping" of special units - fixed.

Race, Team and Color is now shown correctly in the load game screen.

There was a crash when the viking warship was selected and the the player had more than 600 mana - fixed.

Goods are now shown correctly at harbors and market places.

No more music in the main menu screens, if you have not installed music to your hard drive.

You can now change the gamespeed: just press keys 1,2 or 3 at numpad.

The host player now can change the race and team of an AI player by selecting the AI's name.

There is a new load button combining all saved campaigns.

Sometimes there were black squares displayed over market places - fixed.

With higher levels the blowgunfighters now will increase their chances to hit.

Medics will heal 15% less in all levels now.

The axe warriors will now deal out 10% less damage.

Building cost changes:

Big towers cost a little more ressources:

- Roamns: past = 5 stone + 5 wood now = 7 stone + 7 wood

- Maya: past = 4 stone + 6 wood now = 7 stone + 6 wood

- Vikings: past = 4 stone + 6 wood now = 6 stone + 7 wood

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