Shadow of Legend 2.5D v0.9.18.0 to v0.9.19.0 Patch


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Both Horea and Tritesse will have a maintenance 21:00 on Dec.23th, downtime for three hours, and back to normal at 24:00 PST on Dec 24th. Then Shadow of Legend would be updated to V0.9.19.0, read following to get details of V0.9.19.0:

1. Corrected the description of "dragonblood", a rebirth skill.

2. Enabled necklace equipping. Necklaces can be found from big boss drops. .

3 .Fixed a coze chat problem: click other player's name and the menu couldn't be displayed properly.

Shadow of Legend V0.9.19.0 welcomes all of you.

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