Shadowgrounds English retail patch v1.04


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The patch features some minor fixes within the game and some additional features. The patch also prepares the game to support the upcoming downloadable Level Editor, which will be available next week. Below is a list of some of the fixes and added features.

* Major crash bug related to fonts fixed (this affected PDAs, weapon upgrade menu and some others)
* Minor text fixes throughout the English version
* One Mission 12 conversation bug fixed

* Keyboard-only aiming possibility added (no mouse required)
* Windowed mode now with titlebar (movable window)
* Unofficial support for more keyboard buttons
* Error reporting (see below!)

Shadowgrounds Overview & Features

Shadowgrounds brings fresh air to the action genre with its unique top-down perspective, explosive action sequences, innovative weapon upgrade system and moody soundtrack. Addictive gameplay and audiovisual fireworks set the scene for a near-future tale of epic heights.

Be prey to the vicious aliens - or prepare to strike back before it's too late!

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