Ship Simulator Extremes Patch 1.3.5


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The v1.3.5 update for Ship Simulator Extremes is now available for download and contains improvements for both Ship Simulator Extremes and its recently released Mission Editor. The v1.3.5 improves overall game performance (up to 30% on some pc's, depending on configuration) and contains new gameplay fixes, improved visuals and updated vessel dynamics & behavior.
ReleaseNotes Patch 1.3.0 -> 1.3.5:


[ General ]
* New Feature: added support for Ferry Pack AddOn
* New Feature: switch direction also influences controls and orbit camera
* Performance Improvement: added bollards to several environments still missing them
* Performance Improvement: ship ai behaviour
* Performance Improvement: PhysX no longer requires 3rd party installer
* Fixed an issue with the chart taking too much memory
* Fixed an issue where the Sigita DLC showed up as different gamemode

[ Chart ]
* Visual Improvement: Improved navigation lights
* Fixed an issue where the ships appear light-grey instead of black

[ Ships ]
* Visual Improvement: tweaked anchor chain thickness
* Visual Improvement: disabled water-impression effect on certain ships
* Visual Improvement: added name to hull of Pride of Rotterdam
* Fixed an issue where smoke appeared too bright at night
* Fixed an issue with the anchors and chains on Vermaas, Latitude, Agile Solution and Protector
* Fixed an issue where creating missions with DLC the user doesn't own, allows the DLC to be played
* Fixed an issue with the bowthruster of the Mare Australe
* Fixed minor spelling mistakes in ship descriptions

[ Mission editor ]
* Feature update: disabled delete keyboard key to delete entities, now only possible from GUI
* Fixed an issue where the property window remained open when exiting the mission editor
* Fixed an issue where the crew doesn't get placed correctly on the deck

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