Siege Mod v0.24


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Siege is a medieval based modification for Battlefield 1942. Siege tries to fill the largely untouched medieval age mod category. The idea for this mod started in the year 2000. After several game engine considerations, Battlefield 1942 was finally chosen.
Spanning 500 years (1000-1500), Siege tries to capture the feel and struggle of pitting a large invasion force against a heavily fortified defending team. The mod is not completely based on historical accuracy and will use a mix or real and generic elements but will still try to capture some of the realism of war in the middle ages.

Not all battles will be solely based on siege. There will be open battlefields where walking in grouped formations will be encouraged.

Features included:
-Siege machines
-Catapults, battering rams, siege towers, ballistas
-4 types of classes:-swordsmen, archers, blunt, and pole-arm classes
-1 class out of each army will have a unique weapon that gives them the advantage
-Breachable castle gates
-English vs French multiplayer campaign

Future features will include:
-new support class
-flaming arrows to destroy both siege weapons and soldiers
-trebuchets, early gunpowder cannon, and more!
-Ottoman vs Byzantine multiplayer campaign
-giant cannons and cavalry archers for the Ottomans
-Greek fire ships and Cataphractoi for the Byzantines

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