Silent Hunter 4 - Wolves of the Pacific Retail Patch 1.4


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Rendering distance increased to 20km, with appropriate improvement for visual sensors capabilities
Dynamic loading of game units has been implemented, considerably improving loading times
Improvements to Water rendering
Improvements for enemy ships detection of steam torpedoes
Damage taken by hulls submarine is shown in the damage interface
Entries in Captain's Log are now limited for better performance
Screenshot names now contain the date they were taken on
End patrol ports are now displayed on the map
Objectives on the navigation now change color when completed


Destroyer/Submarine collisions always leading to the destroyer being sunk
Fix the periscope animation problem
Save & Load issues with the submarine crew
Magnetic/Contact Detonator switch now working properly
Improper display of the TBT interface for widescreen resolutions
Loss of torpedo aiming track when crossing the International Date Line
Deck gun Metric/Imperial system issues
Repeating objectives bug
Correct date when loading a save from career

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