The Sims 3 Patch v1.38.151


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This cumulative patch will update The Sims 3 for Windows base game to version 1.38.151.
This game update includes the following changes:

• Base Game:
New decorative drainpipes, roof cornices, wall patterns, a bookcase, and neighborhood rock objects.
New Create a Sim controls for ears, nostrils, jaw, and skin color.
Updated collection journal to track collectables.

• Online Feature Updates:
Send or receive a surprise gift box to/from your friends! It could contain anything from a chunk of Simoleons to a painting, or even a car!
Receive an Elixir from Supernatural players containing magical properties that will affect your Sim’s lives!

• Late Night:
New moodlets and socials for Vampires.

• Store:
You can now browse a larger selection of our most popular Store content directly in Buy Mode!

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