The Sims Hot Date Patch v2


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This is a patch, which will fix a number of bugs, for Hot Date.

English(US) Versions only. An International version will follow soon. The long awaited patch to fix the many bugs in Hot Date. Here’s what it fixes:

Bay Window will now appear in the game. The Old Prude will be seen on all the lots. Cuddling was having problems in the booth and both couches. They would get stuck. This has been fixed. In the booth, your date could get stuck in dining and would never move. You can now cancel out of dining if this happens, and there is no longer a permanent game hang. Items and Actions were dropping out of the Sims Que, this has been fixed. There were a few clothing rack random crashes, these have been fixed! The Food carts will no longer advertise so highly causing the townies to flock there and then just hang out there without ordering food. Interactions will be available on Townies Downtown.

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