Sin patch v.1.11


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v1.11 Beta v2 (Requires v1.04 or above to install):
added GameSpy internal server browser support
Includes additional user CTF levels, ctf_barge, ctf_defense and SINnlos_ctf
fully compatible with Macintosh version
fixed sound compatibility problems
Version 1.11 of Sin is not officially supported by Activision. Please do not contact their Technical Support department for problems you encounter while using Sin version 1.11. Please send any bugs or problems you have to

v1.1 fixes:

Cheat variable protected a bunch of developer commands
fixed CTF flag cheat where you could join the other team while taking the flag with you.
say_talk spamming fixed
various bug fixes
added cl_speechdelay - spam control for speech synthesis, defaults to 1000
added cl_nospeech - archived cvar that controls whether or not speech is active
added ctf_forcejoin as archivable variable.
fixed bug with cinematics and Direct X 7.0
fixed annoying phantom windows that are left after vid_restarting
v1.06 includes new map "Spool", fixed 3DNOW! bugs/crashes, Save game fixes, adds deathmatch-only flag, adds new message mode for talking.

v1.05 added a new in-game camera system, quantum destabilizer tweaks, "ctf_forcejoin" now works, and other bug fixes.

v1.04 updated your previously patched version of Sin from v1.01 or above to v1.04, and includes CTF.

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