SOLDNER - Secret Wars v33670 Patch


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The latest patch for SÖLDNER, Secret Wars has been released.

List of changes:

- config.ini changed values for teamkill_suspend from 1 to 0
- config.ini changed values for maxplayers from 16 to 32
- config.ini changed values for soldiernamefadeout from 60.0 to 120.0
- config.ini changed values for WWWpassword from wings to projectzero
- fixed commander zero vote
- corrected weapon xml for use new MP5N model
- radar fixed for the Leopard 2A5
- standard presets deleted
- changed gravity of the stinger
- ironsight of the G3A3 changed back to the old one
- changed viewangle of the DPV machinegun
- increased the price of the Javelin launcher to 8.500$
- added logonwindow for the Harrier
- fixed LanBug with AddOn content
- All available maps are added to the MapPresets
- Conquest / SuperConquest get a default runtime of 31 minutes and 10.000 caps
- Server is running with right weapon recoils
- fixed maps:
o Mekong Delta
o Powerbase
o Swamp
o Fortress
o Soldner Arena
o Invasion
o Villariva vs. Villabajo

Changelog 33669

Source Code:
Sevaral changes to increase Performance.
Fixed Bug in Server List with 0/0 players.
Fixed Bug in Lan Mode. AddOn Weapons now available for all players

Optimized some Maps that changed with last patch again for performance.

Littlebird Armor has been decreased on the Side and the Front
Armor of the Transport Helicopters on the Side and the Front has been decreased

Radar of the MBT's has been decreased to 500meters
Firerate of Gepard increased (like tunguska)
Marder speed increased
Dardo:speed increased
Dardo:Firerate of the MK increased
FlaRakRoland speed increased
Wiesel's speed increased
M113 speed increased
CV90 speed increased
BTR-70 Armor on the back reduced
BTR-90 Armor on back reduced
Marder:Tow rocket got a bit more power now
Challanger break torque increased
T90 break torque increased

LandroverMG Frontarmor changed

Pf89 & Law80 reduced the price
Javelin is no longer reloadable
Stinger Weaponsystem killenergy increased

Shotguns: Range adjusted
M20 KE increased
A91 & M4/203 set to 3600
All weapons recoil in the not_zommed mode increased
Adjusted the Accuray
Adjusted the Accuracy

Parachute changed the minimum distance for opening it

Changed the points you receive for a kill to 3

Known Bugs:
To be able to release the patch very fast we have decided to release the
patch with a known bug. It will be fixed in next patch!!!
MP5 Navy and Scope. It will fire from a different position than the
ifanterist is. So dont use this weapon until the next patch.
The FNScar 1 has a missing texture for the magazine.

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