SOLDNER - Secret Wars v33675 Full Retail Patch


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Having proved their knowledge of military gaming with their Panzer Elite game, Wings Simulations now leads us headlong into military action in the year 2010:
After half a century of military interventions, major countries like the USA and Russia are tired of their role as the "World Police".

The consequences of their military actions for their economies, national security and internal ethnic conflicts were becoming too severe and eventually the former

super-powers tired of war.
Instead, more and more countries choose increasingly unconventional warfare by using special secret forces. Military success is no longer made by major countries but by

small and highly specialized mercenary troops.

In SÖLDNER - Secret Wars the player takes command of one of these special teams. As Commander he leads the small high tech army consisting of soldiers, light armored

vehicles, helicopters and VTOL aircraft to fulfill a wide variety of mission. The in-game simulation of this world's highly complex political system creates a dynamic

campaign: each decision you make has a direct impact on the flow of the game.

v33675 Changes:

Source Changes:

- Several bug fixes with web admin interface (especial with map rotation)
- New functions implemented to web admin interface
- Hitboxed implemented for Soldier with following multipliers: head (2.5), spine(1.0), hands (0.5), foots(0.5)
- Kill statistics deactivated at servers with more than 4500 money
- Xfire bug fixed.
- New game mode frontline implemented
- deleted lots of unused but loaded files
- few new weopon sounds

Map Changes:

- lots of maps optimized for perfomance
- New armybase-2, bahrain, Baikal Sea, Swamp Island
- Deleted some very big maps

Balacing Changes:

- Helicopters Hydra Rockets explosion radius decreased from 7 to 4.5
- Helicopters Armor decreased
- Helicopters prices increased for armored helicopters
- Vehicles minor changes for better adjusting of classes
- rifles and pistols adjusted
- Rocket Lounchers adjusted in prices and gravity
- Sniper Kit price decreased to 50
- Medi Kit healing time decreased

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