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One and a half year ago this proclamation not only announced the last patch, but Soldner 2. A lot of things happened since then. Version 33675 has been released and Soldner 2 was revealed to the public on the GamesConvention, only to be cancelled a little later.

Then the portal went offline, but after massive protest by the community it came back online with a new applicant. At the end of march there was another downtime which again led to a change of operators.

To put it in a nutshell, it have been very turbulent times. Despite all this the community never stopped believing in their game and laughed everyone right in the face who considered this game dead. We went through hard times, but there were always people willing to dedicate their work to this 4 year old, but great game and it´s community. This and it´s unique community made Soldner a real tumbler who always comes back upright again.

Thanks to this support from the community, a new team formed up from both community and ex-developers, who until today spare no effort to support Soldner Marine Corps. We are pleased to introduce you the latest patch of this team and we are also a little proud that most bugs that were reported in version 33675 have been fixed. So those who dropped Soldner because of it´s bugs or people destroying their gaming experience, should now give it another try - it´s worth it.

The impatient amog you should now scroll down to the downloadlink.

The rest may continue reading here to get some more info about the patch's backround.

Besides the reworked physicengine, the focus of this patch was clearly bugfixing (but a lot more changed in the development process). We do not claim to have found and fixed them all, but we did fix many things and also the most annoying bugs should be gone now. That means no more players hiding inside objects, no more players exploiting IR/NV in 3rd person mode, no bulletproof leaves an bushes anymore, no commanders using the teamaccount to buy whatever they like and much more…

Not only softwarebugs were a problem, but also players who made exploits and abusive of certain vehicles and weapons. So we aligned the gameplay to provide the best possible gaming experience for everyone and made abuse of those weaponsystems impossible now.

The biggest threat for infantry from the Type93 is now that one can be overrun by it, since it´s missiles are only a threat to helicopters and planes. This goes for all weaponsystems employing homing missiles, because you may now only fire if you´ve a target locked. While working on this new system, we not only increased the heatbuildup for active vehicles, but also implemented different cooldowntimes for all vehicles.

The game´s appearance also changed. We had to remove some models due to unclear licencensing, but on the other hand tuned several other models and fixed several errors in the 3d models themselves. There´ve been changes in size an appearance of vehicles, tanks and airunits and also the original bushes are back again. This may make a tankdrivers life hell on some maps, because it´s now again possible to hide in bushes. Tankdrivers on the other hand might be pleased to hear that grenade and flightpath are now visible again.

Who wondered how good the Soldner's stamina was in the past, will be pleased to hear that the heartbeatfeature is back in town again - and most important it works now!

Fans of the TV-Serial Lost may be sad that this and serveral other maps had to be removed to make room for some new (and really cool) maps. Of course there have been changes on other maps too, to improve balancing and also to remove some bugs or exploits relating to their design. The Infs among you may now look forward to hot infantry-only-matches on Spawn Island.

As mentioned before the physicengine has been updated and reworked. This not only changed handling of land- and airunits, but also made a complete adaption of firearms necessary. On this occasion several bugs have been fixed and a new balancing has been introduced.

Infantry-weapons have been categorized into different classes, which now not give hints on advantage and disadvantages of weapons, but also make things like a shotgun-match possible. Every weapon class is now focused on it´s field of application. This means a TMP will be more dangerous on short distances than the G36, which has it´s advantages on greater distances, but also weapons of the same category differ in their performance. Of course air- and groundunits have been subject to changes, too.

This patch will be the basis for the upcoming Community Edition. Despite we really pushed our testers and coders to the limit and all the goodwill we put into our efforts, it´s very likely we still missed the one or the other bug. Please don´t hesitate to give us a wink what has to be fixed for the community edition.

We only ask you one favour, please take your time getting used to the new gameplay and the changes made, before you demand anything to be changed and always try to keep an eye on the whole picture.

Enough said! Load your weapons, fuel up your chopper and jets, get your tanks rolling.

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