Space Empires V - v1.13 Retail Patch


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"Space Empires V" is the latest edition in the Space Empires series. This new chapter completely updates the user interface, and takes the player into a real-time rendered 3D universe. Watch space battles play out in glorious detail with realistic effects. Expand, Explore, Exploit, and Exterminate in a huge, living, breathing galaxy. New features include: political alliances between multiple empires, a top-down ship design system, a hexagonal movement grid, and many more to keep players enthralled. "Space Empires V" is completely "mod-able" and even adds a scriptable AI system to the mix.

"Space Empires V" boldly takes the next step in the genre of space strategy games. Gamers' that are already members of the Space Empires franchise will absolutely salivate at the prospect of playing "Space Empires V." Those that haven't yet received their initiation into the franchise will soon find themselves surrendering to this game's excellence.

Version 1.13:
1. Fixed - Sometimes the TCP/IP Host would not send the first turn game file to the players.
2. Fixed - Planet structure points were too high.
3. Fixed - "Propulsion Experts" racial trait was giving movement to bases.
4. Fixed - Some designs would lose racial trait effects on load of game.
5. Fixed - Text was overruning the side of the Set Construction Queue lists.
6. Fixed - A ship constructing a vehicle cannot retreat from combat.
7. Added - Whether a vehicle can retreat from combat to the Combat Piece Report.
8. Fixed - Repulser beams will not knock a ship past the retreat border.
9. Fixed - A ship cannot retreat into a blocked sector (such as a star).
10. Fixed - If all retreat locations are blocked, no retreat is possible.
11. Fixed - In the Construction Queues window, the On Hold and Repeat filters were switched.
12. Fixed - "Upgrade Facilities" action on the Construction Queues window would not work correctly if upgrades were already present in the queue.
13. Changed - Some weapon balancing.
14. Fixed - More than one Emergency Resupply or Emergency Reordnance pod could be put on a ship.
15. Fixed - AI was sending multiple colonizers to the same planet.
16. Fixed - AI was trying to retrofit ships that had cargo.
17. Fixed - Sometimes ships which could drop troops or capture ships would just sit still.
18. Fixed - Crew were too strong in defense of a ship during ship capture.
19. Added - "Space Combat Crew Boarding Strength" in Settings.txt which sets the base race combat strength.
20. Fixed - Sometimes finding ruins would cause a crash.

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