Space Empires V - v1.35 Retail Patch


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There are 10 new fixes in v1.35

1. Added - Added another command line parameters.
se5.exe [Savegame path] [password] [-plrstop] [-moddir [dirname]]
-moddir [dirname] - This changes the directory name for the mod in the savegame.
2. Fixed - Bolt weapons were not firing on planets at maximum range.
3. Fixed - In combat, Automove would not move after a player's set targets.
4. Fixed - Units weren't launching in simulated combat.
5. Fixed - When sharing enemy designs, a player would receive designs it had created.
6. Fixed - The ministers would sometimes not control certain ships with specific design types.
7. Fixed - The Population Transport minister was not working correctly.
8. Fixed - Colonizing with a fleet would remove all of the ships in the fleet (Simultaneous) or
remove the wrong ship (Turn Based).
9. Fixed - Militia were not showing up in combat replays.
10. Fixed - Capture pods were not showing up in combat replays.

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