Space Force Rogue Universe retail patch 1.1


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- fixed bug where resolution couldn't be changed
- fixed joystick bug where truster is truned on by default for all joysticks
- fixed bug where the game freezes (all ships stay on one place)
- fixed bug where player's shield suddendly becomes undefined
- fixed bug with infinite motion blur
- fixed problem with missing piece of time and cloak device in Andromeda and Pyxis map
- fixed bug where an NPC always attacked the player if he was under attack by the player's wingman, now he always attacks his attacker
- fixed menu bug where right mouse button executed wrong actions
- fixed bug where return from hiden systems caused wrong data to be loaded for normal system maps (wrong system name, prices, ships etc)
- fixed bug with inconsistency with upgrade prices (5-6 level) and now upgrade cost for every level can be edited from GlobalData.cfg
- fixed PageUp and PageUp key bug (where always mapped to single hit)

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