Star Ruler Patch v1.0.7.6 to v1.0.7.8


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Star Ruler is a large scale, real-time grand strategy set in space.
Design, build, and take control of potentially thousands of ships, and expand the reach of your empire across the entire galaxy.
Research new technologies, capture enemy vessels, and conquer enemy planets on your path to galactic domination.
Chat with other players at any time to discuss strategies or arrange multiplayer games.
And if that isn't enough, you can modify the game in nearly any way you see fit, or download mods made by others.

[Fixed] Fixed a "Effector Data Mismatch" bug that many people were experiencing.
[Fixed] Significantly improved performance with AIs late-game.
[Fixed] Fixed a memory leak when loading a saved game.
[Fixed] Autosaves are now disabled when paused.
[Fixed] Planets with extremely low population are no longer useless until purged.
[Fixed] Pirates were not updating their hulls, leaving them very vulnerable as the game progressed.
[Fixed] Pirates were starting with random tech levels, sometimes causing them to be excessively powerful.
[Fixed] "Update Threshold" on blueprints is no longer lost when saving the blueprint.
[Fixed] Mining lasers with an emergency power supplying all the power needs caused an error.
[Fixed] Ammo usage wasn't updating when a modifier that affected it was added.
[Fixed] Pausing the game in multiplayer could cause newly connected clients to divide by zero in their interpolation, making stars vanish.
[Changed] When a planet is lost, everything yet to be built, and without any progress, are removed from the build queue.
[Changed] Reduced AI difficulty on lower AI settings.
[Changed] The right-click menu is now implemented in scripts.
[Balance] Planetary weapons gain range when on a Ringworld (10x base range).
[Balance] Fighter Hulls can now be made bigger as their tech level is increased.
[Added] Multiplayer option to prevent AIs from taking over player empires when they disconnect.
[Added] Added three special types of systems that offer unique tactical choices.

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