Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2(Sins of a Solar Empire mod)


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The mod is intended to be a hommage, and tribute to the original Sacrifice of Angels mod for Homeworld. It will use many of the same models, and effects created for that mod by the Trekmods team. Along with new content. The mod is being developed by the remaining members of the Trekmods team. Along with Digital Underground (The makers of bridge commanders MPMP mod, and Nexus: The Jupiter Incident's ST: Age of War mod). Plus other contributions by talented artist from the Star Trek mod community.

As with the original SoA mod Sacrifice of Angels 2 is set during the Dominion War era of Star Trek. Using both canon, and non-canon units to recreate those battles with Sins "empire building" mechanic added. Like in SoA you can fight battles in SoA2 using hundreds of starships.

Sometimes thousands "if" your computer can handle it.
The factions will be the Federation, Klingons, Romulan, Dominion, Cardassian, and Breen. The six main factions seen in the Dominion War. With the Orion Pirates being the Pirate faction. More factions like the Borg, Sona, and 8472 may be added in later as the mod evolves over time, and if it is not too difficult to add them.

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