StarCraft 1.13e Patch


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Blizzard has released the latest patch for StarCraft.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13e (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed several bugs that contributed to game exploits.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13d (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed a bug that prevented the training of infested terrans.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13c (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed a bug involving zerg buildings.
* Fixed a bug related to minimap unit ordering during replays.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13b (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed a Bug that caused certain maps to crash.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13 (Includes previous fixes)

Feature Changes

* Your units displayed within the minimap will now always be on top to ensure
that they are not hidden by another player's units.
* Changed the default font for Korean Windows 9x to Gulim 9 to
improve readability.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed several bugs that contributed to game exploits.
* Fixed a Korean character bug in chat.
* Fixed a German hotkey bug in chat.
* Fixed a typo in the register email screen.

What's fixed in Patch 1.12b (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed bugs related to Korean chat on Windows 95/98/Me.

This version contains full copies of all updated maps rather than incremental
patches, hence the patch size increase.

What's fixed in Patch 1.12 (Includes previous fixes)

New Features

* Changed Speed from "Fast" to Fastest" for Ladder Games.
* You now can preview your map in the Multiplayer chat screen.
* Added feature that allows the creator of a private game to make
the game public under the creator's name in Multiplayer Chat screen.
* Added full Korean language support for and in-game.
* Added a Friends List Feature and button that allows you to keep track of your
friends on
* Added Friend mail feature that allows you to email members of your Friends
* Added Password Recovery and email registration features (like Warcraft 3 and
Diablo 2) so you can recover your password via email.
* Changed the default race type in single custom games to Random.
* It now remembers your last map and folder setting when you create single or
multi player games.
* Brood War will now show 'mapsBroodWar' folder as your default map folder.
* When a building is selected and if a ground rally point is set the rally
point will briefly animate.
* Added minimap ping (Alt-left-click on minimap to show graphic location.)
* Added alliance colors on units - Shift-Tab changes your color to green, your
allies to yellow and your enemies to red.
* Added right-click feature that will set your building rally point.
* Added shift-# to add a unit to a control group.
* The mouse cursor stays on the game's monitor in multi-monitor environments.

Updated Maps

* Lost Temple has been updated, while Dire Straits and Rivarly have been
slightly tweaked to balance resources and space for building.
* All maps have been resigned. If you have moved standard maps to different
folders you must do so again. If you have maps downloaded from our FTP site you
must do so again.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug related to seeing Question marks instead of Korean characters when
using /where command in
* Fixed a bug that hindered Korean text in chatrooms and game

What's fixed in Patch 1.11b (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed a bug that allowed SCV's to heal Marines.
* Fixed a bug that allowed Zerg to build without the need for creep.
* Fixed a bug that allowed buildings to be stacked on top of each other.
* Fixed a Mac bug that prevented StarEdit from running.
* Fixed a Mac bug where background music stopped after the first piece.

What's fixed in Patch 1.11 (Includes previous fixes)

* Korean text is now preserved when it is sent to or received from
* Fixed a bug that hindered sound on NT machines.
* Fixed a bug that enabled you to make a Command Center slide into a location
by building a Comstat Station then canceling it due to lack of resources.
* Fixed a bug related to a Drone flying when surrounded by other units.
* Fixed a bug that would give you an assertion when you tell a drone to burrow
as it is about to morph into a building.
* Fixed a bug that caused Templars to fly across the map when interrupting an
Archon Merge.
* Fixed a bug involving a drone getting confused when recieving a second build
order while in transit to complete the first one.

What's fixed in Patch 1.10 (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed a bug involving burrowed units - if a burrowed lurker was attacked by
air, it would stop acquiring other targets. Changed so that non-AI lurkers
won't unburrow when attacked by air, which is a better idea all around.
* Fixed a bug where a drone could skate across terrain to an arbitrary
destination after failing to build an extractor.

What's fixed in Patch 1.09b (Includes previous fixes)

* Disconnects will be counted as losses in CompUSA games.

What's fixed in Patch 1.09 (Includes previous fixes)

* Fixed various replay issues.
* Fixed a bug where Protoss and Terran victory and defeat background screens
did not display.
* Siege tanks no longer explode when placed on a beacon.
* Added LAN play via UDP.
* Fixed latency issue with Windows 2000.
* Added template type, CompUSA.

What's fixed in Patch 1.08 (Includes previous fixes)

* Adds support for a new template "Top vs. Bottom". This template
functions like Melee, with the exception that players in each half
are automatically allied and share vision at game start, thus
removing the "who am I allied with" question (and reducing the
amount of clicking done after the game starts). The game creator
can move players around between the two sides as needed to assign
teams properly. Note that Top vs Bottom only works for games with
two sides - if you want to play 2x2x2 games, you will still need
to use Melee.
* Adds support for Game Recording. When a game is over, there will
be a new button "Save Replay" in the victory/defeat screen. If you
save a replay, you can watch it at a future date. Replays are
saved to the "replay" folder inside your Maps folder. Create a
game and pick your replay from the "replay" folder. A replay is
always passworded. Up to 7 other people can join your replay game
to watch it with you; chat is from the people currently connected
to the replay game. Replay files can be transferred to other
people automatically (if someone joins your replay game, they get
your replay transferred to them via the automatic map download
facility), or you can copy your replay files (replays end in .REP)
from your "replay" folder to a desired destination manually. NOTE:
game recording does not work for Team games (Team Melee, Team Free
for All, Team Capture the Flag).
* Adds support for gateway selection. You can now specify which cluster to connect to. In normal cases, you will do
nothing, and you will be sent to the "closest" cluster.
If you wish to override the automatic selection, you can pick a
cluster manually.
* Save Game clarification - the save game window now shows: Saving
Multiplayer Game Save Game Name: XXX in order to avoid the "Saving
StarCraft Virus 1.0 to Hard Disk" joke.
* If you are really clever, you can crush tanks by landing buildings
on them. This is the unexpected consequence to fixing a cheese
that allowed players to have siege tanks underneath barracks.
* Better proxy support
* Clearer messages.
* Updated "Connecting to fastest server" messages to be clearer.
* Ladders maps updated.
* Ladder cheating fix - Ladder map alteration fix (Japanese version,
* Fixed various language translation problems.
* Fixed "gliding SCV" and "teleporting drone" bugs


Template Types
* KBK (Beginner)
* KBK (Game Room)
* KBK (Professional)
* KBK (Single)
* KBK (Zone)

Account Types:
* KBK Beginner
* KBK Game Room
* KBK Professional
* KBK Single
* KBK Team-6
* KBK Zone-6

Visit for more details

Balance Changes


* Damage increase to 6 per missile.
* Acceleration and velocity increased slightly.
* Build time decreased.

Science Facility:
* Build time decreased.
* Irradiate research cost increased to 200 minerals, 200 gas.
* Yamato Cannon research cost decreased to 100 minerals, 100 gas.

Missile Turret:
- Decreased cost to 75 minerals.

* Charon Missile Booster research cost decreased to 100 minerals, 100 gas.

* Increased speed.

* Increased ground attack range.

Battle Cruiser:
* Build time decreased.
* Supply cost decreased to 6.


* Build time increased.

* Decreased cost to 275 minerals, 125 gas.

* Supply cost decreased to 6.

* Psi Storm Damage reduced.

* Disruption Web spell duration decreased.

* Shields decreased to 60 and hit points increased to 100.


* Decreased build cost to 100 minerals, 100 gas.

* Supply cost decreased to 4.

Queen's Nest:
* Spawn Broodling cost decreased to 100 minerals, 100 gas.

Hydralisk Den:
* Lurker Aspect cost increased to 200 minerals, 200 gas.
* Hydralisk speed upgrade cost increased to 150 minerals, 150 gas.

Spawning Pool:
* Increased build cost to 200 minerals

Sunken Colony:
* Building armor increased to 2.
* Hit points decreased to 300.

What's fixed in patch 1.07 (Includes previous fixes)

* Adds support for Korean tournament (KBK).
* Fixes lag meters on join game screen.
* Changes default font so that it is easier to
distinguish certain characters while in chat.
* Fixes German text for Brood War units which appeared as
English on some systems after upgrading to v1.06.

What's fixed in Patch 1.06 (Includes previous fixes)

* Adds support for Warcraft II: Edition.
* Adds command completion to chat. It can be
accessed by pressing the "tab" key.
* Fixes some minor issues.
* Displays cancel dialog in situations when server is busy.

What's fixed in Patch 1.05 (Includes previous fixes)

* Reduced Academy cost to 150 minerals.
* Reduced Science Facility cost to 100 minerals, 150 gas.
* Reduced Spider Mine research cost to 100 minerals, 100 gas.
* Reduced the cooldown for units on unload from a transport.
* Added a limit so games can only be saved at most once every
two minutes during a multiplayer game.
* Fixed a bug that caused save game compatibility problems with
1.03 save games loaded into 1.04 and Brood War.
* The 'something for nothing' cheat no longer gives Brood War
upgrades in normal Starcraft games.
* When using the 'exactly' modifier in trigger conditions,
incomplete units are no longer included in the comparision.
* Hallucinated devourers no longer leave acid spores on
targeted units.
* Spider mines are now properly affected by disruption web.
* Neutral medics no longer auto-heal units.
* Added a wireframe for Infested Duran in a dropship.
* The low memory version of the disruption web art is now
* Terran insane AI no longer locks the system.
* Fixed the bug that allowed terran buildings to move after
* Fixed the bug that incorrectly allowed 'morph to lurker'
commands to be issued to units that weren't hydralisks.
* Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.
* (StarEdit) Eliminated dependence on updated comctrl32.dll
* (StarEdit) Now displays language based on installed version
of Starcraft rather than operating system setting
* (StarEdit) Fixed a bug in the Player Upgrades dialog that
could cause settings for one player to be inadvertently
copied to another

What's fixed in Patch 1.04 (Includes previous fixes)

* Starcraft compatibility with Brood War implemented.
* Resource Text Color changed to Green
* Custom AI has been strengthened...beware.
* Invincible Drone bug has been fixed
* You can select all burrowed units of the same type or cloaked
units of the same type by using the Ctrl+select method or by
double clicking.
* If you have multiple Carriers or Reavers selected you can
build Interceptors and Scarabs for all of them at the same
* Cooldown times of units being dropped out of transports
* Stim Pack causing Firebats to fire slowly corrected.
* Zergling adrenal gland upgrade effects corrected.
* Fixed a bug where the muzzle flash on a full fire bunker
aiming south displayed incorrectly.
* Air unit movement near the edge of the map corrected.
* The Ladder directory has been updated with the Season 4
ladder maps. Retired ladder maps have been moved to the
OldLadder directory.

Changes to StarEdit (Map Editor)

* New save feature that identifies all 'enhanced' data in the
scenario and specifies which versions of Starcraft will be
able to load the scenario.
* Addition of the comparing conditional 'exactly' for use in
* Increased number of Switches to 256.
* Increased number of usable locations to 254.
* Added the ability to specify 'Random' in the SET SWITCH
trigger action.
* Added the ability to name switches.
* Added the ability to set Fog-of-War for multiple players
simultaneously by holding down Control or Shift.
* Added the ability to re-name any unit.
* New triggers:
o ORDER UNIT (Move to, Patrol to, Attack to)
o The ability to specify a quantity for the following
* You can now select locations obscured by other locations.
* Location operations are now undoable.
* You can now explicitly sort Conditions.
* You can remove all Map Revealers from a map (really!).
* The Unit and Hero Settings dialog has been enhanced.
* A new StarEdit help file with info on these triggers and all
the new features in StarEdit can be downloaded from our FTP

Balance Changes

o Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
o Increased cooldown rate of ground attack.
o Increased air to air damage to 20.
o Increased speed slightly.
Science Vessel
o Decreased cost to 100 minerals, 225 gas.
o Increased acceleration
o Increased overall damage of Irradiate
o Increased sight radius
o Increased starting armor to 3
o Increased Yamato Cannon damage to 260
o Increased ground damage to 12
o Increased effectiveness of weapon upgrade on ground to
air weapon system
o Nuclear Missiles build faster
o Decreased energy cost to 50
o Decrease cost of Starport to 150 minerals, 100 gas
o Decreased add-on cost of Control Tower to 50 minerals,
50 gas
o Decreased build time
o Increased acceleration
o Decreased cost to 125 minerals, 50 gas
o Decreased build time
o Increased range upgrade (Singularity Charge) by 1
High Templar
o Decreased energy cost of Hallucination to 100
o Increased Air to Air damage to 28
o Base Armor of Scout changed from 1 to 0
o Increased shields to 100 and hit points to 150
o Increased cooldown rate of ground attack
o Changed build cost to 350 minerals, and 250 gas
o Increased hit points of Carrier to 300
o Increased starting armor of Carrier to 4
o Increased Interceptor shields and hitpoints to 40
o Increased Interceptor damage to 6
o Decreased Interceptor cost to 25
o Decreased cost to 100 minerals, 350 gas
o Increased build time
o Increased build time
Templar Archives
o Increased cost to 150 minerals, 200 gas.
Citadel of Adun
o Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
o Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 150 gas
o Decreased build time
Robotics Facility
o Increased build time
Robotics Support Bay
o Increased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas
o Decreased cost to 50 minerals, 100 gas
o Decreased cost to 150 minerals
Photon Cannon
o Decreased build time
Fleet Beacon
o Decreased cost of "Increased Carrier capacity" upgrade
to 100 minerals, 100 gas
o Decreased research time of "Increased Carrier capacity"
Shield Battery
o Increased starting energy to 100
o Increased effective range of Recharge Shields ability
o Increased speed bonus for "Pneumatized Carapace" upgrade
o Decreased research time of "Ventral Sacs" upgrade
o Increase hit points to 25
o Increased build time
o Increased range of Broodling by 1
o Increase energy cost of Parasite to 75
o Decreased Parasite casting range to 12
o Increased cost to 50 minerals, 150 gas
o Decreased the speed at which the Hatchery/Lair/Hive
spawn new larva
o Decreased build cost to 300 minerals
o Increased build time
Sunken Colony
o Decreased cost of Sunken Colony upgrade to 50 minerals
o Decreased build time
o Increased attack rate of Sunken Colony
o Increased damage to 40
Spore Colony
o Decreased build time
o Changed damage type to normal
Greater Spire
o Increased build time

What's fixed in Patch 1.03 (Includes previous fixes)

* Localized versions should all see properly now
(all buttons translated / all hot keys correct).
Additionally, chat help and account information should be
appearing correctly when connecting to
* The length of time you have to leave a game before it counts
on your record on has been reduced from 5 minutes
to 2 minutes.
* Very long games using the Terran Insane AI will no longer
lock up.
* Custom maps that use the "set next map" trigger will now work
properly after loading them from a saved game.
* New ladder maps have been added for Season O3. The old ladder
maps have been moved to the OldLadder directory and
downgraded to "Blizzard Approved" status. The (8)Green
Valleys.scm map has been promoted to "Ladder" status. This
means you can no longer play these downgraded maps as ladder
* There are 4 new ladder maps: (4)Ashrigo, (4)Remote Outpost,
(2)Gauntlet, (4)Bone Canyon.
* Fixed bug where if Zerg burrowers burrowed just as they
decloaked (when leaving an Arbiter's field of influence) it
would desync a network game.
* The MOVE UNIT trigger action now behaves correctly with
add-ons. Buildings with existing add-ons will detach from the
add-on if either the building or the add-on moves. Add-ons
under construction will be cancelled.
* Buildings that are created with the CREATE UNIT trigger
action or moved with the MOVE UNIT trigger action will
attempt to reattach to add-ons of the correct type that are
in the correct location.
* Preplaced carriers owned by the Neutral player slot that have
an initial hangar count greater than 0 will no longer crash
the game.
* Executing a KILL UNIT trigger action immediately followed by
a MOVE UNIT trigger action will no longer result in a crash.
* Doodads are no longer affected by the MOVE UNIT trigger
* The mission countdown timer now has a maximum value of
99:99:99 (h:m:s)
* Fixed bug that caused Elapsed Time to display incorrectly
when finishing a very short mission.

What was fixed in Patch 1.02 (Includes previous fixes)

* Flying units no longer receive 'cover' from terrain features.
* Fixed the bug when cancelling a guardian in high latency
games that killed the Mutalisk and gave multiple refunds.
* Fixed the bug that could sometimes cause a map editor, hit
point modified siege tank's hit points to be incorrect after
* Time elapsed while the game is paused no longer counts toward
total elapsed game time.
* Increased the cost of a Zerg Hatchery from 300 to 350
* Changed the damage type of the Photon Cannon weapon system
from explosion to normal.
* Preplaced heroes for the AI will now auto acquire targets and
defend themselves.
* Fixed a bug that could potentially, in high latency games,
over-charge zerg players when morphing larva into units.
* Modified the 'Free For All' game type so that the rules of
diplomacy apply to computer players. (Computer players are no
longer allied in FFA.) Also, made FFA available for single
player custom games.
* Fixed the crash that occurred when selecting a unit type,
that would normally have shields, configured to have 0
shields via the map editor.
* Fixed the bug that bumped people back to the race select
screen after they had completed a single player campaign
* ( Create game screen will now display ladder game
speed as 'Fast' instead of 'Faster'.
* ( Profile draw code will now handle different
sized destination windows.
* Fixed 'attach to incomplete addon' crash bug.
* Added three new Computer AI scripts for use with the map
editor (Protoss Insane, Terran Insane, Zerg Insane) to be
used in custom campaign levels.
* Fixed bug that played the incorrect 'complete' sound for
* Fixed bug that prevented rescued tanks and goliaths from
acquiring targets correctly.
* Fixed bug that caused Starcraft to allocate unnecessary
amounts of memory while running minimized.
* Fixed bug that could cause maps with a large number of
pre-placed units to crash at load time.
* Fixed bug that, in rare cases, could cause game to crash when
certain types of units died.
* Fixed bug that caused access violation when maps with
unplaceable units were loaded.
* Fixed bug that caused access violation when any zerg air unit
died while cloaked by an arbiter.
* (StarEdit) Fixed bug that prevented changes to Norad II Hero
unit weapon damage fields
* (StarEdit) Mineral patches and geyser are now limited to
* (StarEdit) Added exception handler.
* (StarEdit) Fixed bug that made it impossible to remove Map
Revealers via a trigger.
* (StarEdit) Fixed bug that could cause triggers to 'disappear'
on systems using large fonts.
* (StarEdit) Fixed bug that allows powerups to be placed in
invalid locations on high terrain
* (StarInst) Fixed minor over-calculation of disk space used by
saved games for uninstall.
* (StarInst) Moved file pre-cache requests to the install
* (StarInst) Added support for multiple events per screen item
without the use of sub-scripts.
* (StarInst) Eliminated unnecessary screen refreshes.

What was fixed in Patch 1.01:

* Fixed cheat that allowed one player in a multiplayer game to
see the map.
* Fixed bug that allowed players to receive extra resources
when canceling building construction multiple times by
exploiting lag in a multi-player game.
* Fixed pathing problem related crash bug that was most
commonly exhibited in Terran 10.
* Fixed C Runtime Library crash bug exhibited during saved
games when year was greater than 2098.
* Fixed sprite allocation errors that prevent normal combat and
creation of units.
* Fixed occasional hang when joining and leaving
* Enemy Science Vessels no longer continually unmask after
irradiating units.
* Missile turrets controlled by the AI properly acquire
* Fixed blank game names in game list.
* Game names with high ASCII characters now show up properly.

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