Steam Client [Win32]


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This is the first official (non-beta) release of Valve Software's Steam technology.


Added skins support to Steam (platformskins).
Added new cvar "sv_region" to describe the region the server is in.
Removed dependency on WON protocols.
HLTV: Maximum number of connected spectators is tracked ('status' command).
HLTV: Switched 'autoretry' behavior back to the way it was in
HLTV: Added 'hltv' to heartbeat.
HLTV: Removed dependency on Won protocols.
Bug Fixes:

Counter-Strike: Fixed shield exploit with using 'lastinv' command.
Counter-Strike: Fixed server log (and console) getting spammed when a Terrorist would escape on an es_ map.
Fixed bug with MOTD not being displayed.
Fixed bug with the "kick" command.
Fixed bug where you couldn't enter a hostname that started with a number.
Fixed HTML scrollbars not showing up sometimes.
Fixed bug with HLDS GUI crashing the second time it was run.
Fixed shutdown crash in dedicated server.
HLTV: Fixed 'record' to continue recording demos after reconnect.
HLTV: Fixed cheering bug.

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