Steel Beasts v1.19 Upgrade


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Bug Fixes

Event messages now play only for the player's side

The condition "...can see at least (at most) X enemy forces ...." has been modified so that X cannot be less than one.

Enemy vehicles that start as destroyed will be shown as destroyed in the planning phase, assuming that the "enemy info" setting for that vehicle is not set to "none."

Squeaking sound now plays when manually elevating gun with turret damaged.

Hold fire / Fire-at-will hot keys now work with infantry.

Unit icons at the bottom of the screen now correctly display the positions of the different vehicles.

LAWs (RPGs) are no longer guided by a soldier.

New Features

Modified the M1A1 FCS to make it more realistic. Based on the input of several real M1A1 gunners, the M1A1 Fire control system (especially the floating reticle) now more closely matches reality. You will definitely need to practice M1A1 gunnery with this more realistic model.

Increased the size of the GPS/GAS and Bino views.

Ammunition loads can now be customized by the mission designer. In the mission editor, right click on a unit and select "Set Ammunition" from the context-sensitive menu. Then fill in the dialog box.

AFVs with attached infantry (dismounts) will now unload their infantry when placed on a route that has a slow speed, as long as it is not an assault or retreat route. The infantry will run ahead of the vehicles while traveling on the route.

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