Strike Fighters 2 February 2009 Update


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If you have applied any mods to the game, please check the list of updated files to see any data files you've extracted have been changed. You must manually delete and/or updated these files, or the patched game may not run correctly.

List of changes in this Update include:

Feb 2009

* Mach indicator on F-4 cockpits not moving past M1.1 is fixed.
* Joystick settings is less likely to be lost even if the joystick is unplugged.
* Screenshots are now saved in .JPG format.
* F-4C (67) cockpit air threat indicator always being ON is fixed.
* A-4B and C altimeter not working is fixed.
* Some of the new 3d models for weapons not showing up is fixed.
* Missing Sidewinder rails textures on A-4 is fixed.
* One of the F-4D/E (75)'s decoy dispensers not working is fixed.
* Create New Pilot pop-up dialog now displays correctly.
* F-4E (72) and (75)'s service entry dates have been corrected.
* "Desert Fury" campaign having wrong start dates for USN and USMC squadrons have been fixed.
* Font sizes have been adjusted to fit better on different resolutions.
* Some of the campaign CTD have been fixed.
* Aircraft prices when playing Mercenary campaign have been adjusted to better account for small differences in their ECM capabilities.
* Starting weapons supply has been increased for Mercenary campaigns.
* The game no longer searchs for decals outside Decals folder, all ecals must now be placed under ObjectsDecals folder.
* A-4 and F-100 drop tanks have been added to the external models so they use individual texture set.

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