Supreme Ruler 2020 Patch v5.3.1


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Supreme Ruler 2020 5.3.1 Patch Notes:
New Scenario added: African Dragon

- As South Africa you must make a pre-emptive strike against a Chinese-supported Zimbabwe.
New Scenario added: Paraguay's Problem
- Play as Brazil, Venezuela or Argentina in a fight for control of South America.

Update Three Changes

- Auto save no longer turns off after victory/defeat and 'play on'
- More AI considerations before declaring war (nearness, deployed units)
- Added additional AI/HQ attack possibilities
- Fixed rare 'city provides no supply creep' issue
- Building on River Cities fixed
- Construction of Oil Derricks and Oceanic Complexes improved
- High Tech facilities techs (generally Cold Fusion) fixed
- Sea Piers can no longer be built in some unsupplied areas
- Minor number formatting (ie 1.02M as 1.2M) fixed
- Game Settings Panel (CTRL-SHIFT-S) added
- Fixed an uncommon 'elimination-leaves-pockets' bug introduced in U2
- Land Supply Hotspots now function correctly
- AI Units will call for resupply
- Supply Units will return to base to refill
- Unsupplied in-transit territory now provides a trickle of fuel
- Allied Victory added as Lobby Option
- AI leaders Will build Military & Industrial Facilities
- Ministers will build facilities under certain priorities
- Visual indication of resource shortages
- AI better understands 'no units' experimental scenarios
- Fixed occasional AI Unit Deployment/Performance issue
- Malmo bridge crossing allowed
- Non-Synth Facility construction restricted to terrain-supported levels
- Show-Replaced Unit Design Filter setting engaged
- Existing production capacity shown in tooltip when building industries
- Garrisons will deploy when surprise-attacked, instead of surrender
- German Advance Scenario settings fixed to start as Poland again
- Unit meshes on-map default to middle size (set by SHIFT-J)
- Numbers now shown in monospace font in parts of UI

> Various minor changes made to city names, equipment file, regional information, population, map resources, flags
> Six new 3D unit models added
> Over 10 new Technologies added; Over 70 new units designs added

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