Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows Patch v1.6.4


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While the four civilized races battle back the voracious Zuul and seek advantage over each other, a ghost from the past returns to the galaxy in the form of the manipulative Morrigi. Already known for their dark crow-shaped attack drones and deadly traps, this race once thought long extinct, returns looking for vengeance.
Using never-before-seen weapons, ships and tactics, the Morrigi fall upon the other five races of the Sword of the Stars universe, who must now adapt to the ancient masters of space or be destroyed.
Time is of the essence as world after world falls to the black winged ships that surge out of the dark like A Murder of Crows.

Fixes :

1- Fixed issue where multiple command ships in fleet layout weren't arriving in the first wave of combat. (The 'greyed out' reserve bug.)
2- Fixed boarding pod auto-resolve.
3- Combat now starts focused on ships instead of stations.
4- Fixed Progression Wars losing Morrigi Stealth Armor in transition.
5- Fixed Progression Wars crash when transitioning while in political map.
6- Fixed camera rotation getting stuck in sensors screen.
7- Fixed bug opening multiple notes.
8- Fixed bug: If a spy was detected and picked up before it was destroyed, the detection flag wasn't being cleared, so it would be destroyed as soon as it was redeployed.
9- Fixed wild weasel issues.
10- Fixed occassional bug where a researched asteroid monitor would not show up in the fleet list.
11- Fixed rare Hiver AI crash.
12- Fixed a nodespace encounter laoding crash.
13- Fixed incoming fleet list revealing information it shouldn't.
14- Fixed the CNC command point overrun bug.
15- Fixed 'sticky' wraiths.
16- Fixed freighters taking arbitrary detours through map.
17- Fixed rebel AI spawning independent colonies.
18- Fixed potential map switch crash in the Progression Wars scenario.
19- General weapon art and turret fixes.
20- Fixed issue where trade routes were not shutting down when alliance/nap broken.
21- Fixed reported Morrigi fleet speed being too high.
22- Fixed projected shields interfering with ship movement.
23- Fixed issue with very fast fleets not moving at full speed on long hauls.
24- Fixed potential crash in fleet movement.
25- Fixed bug where Morrigi fleet ETA would always display "Next Turn".
26- Fixed issue where an encounter wasn't being triggered with the VN Homeworld when it should be.
27- Fixed issues with mutual surrender.
28- Fixed issue where Zuul AI would not properly surrender to other Zuul AI.
29- Fixed custom AI names not working when creating a new game.
30- Fixed command point limit exploit in the Progression Wars scenario.
31- Fixed issue where boarding pods couldn't be launched against damaged dreadnoughts.
32- Fixed issue where dreadnought maneuvering was incorrectly reduced due to damage.
33- Fixed visual issue where ship selection was not reflecting changes in fleetwide stance.
34- Fixed known issues with flip-flopping AI relations.
35- AI now stops mining when it agrees to do so.


1- Improved Ortgay's maneuvering and selective targeting.
2- Tweaked some alliance-based relation modifiers to make AI reactions to other players more intuitive.
3- Smart nanites now depend on nanites.
4- Reduced damage of spectres.
5- Ortgay is now prevented from visiting the VN Homeworld.
6- Enemy savings now increases 1-mil per stage in the Progression Wars scenario.
7- Dreadnoughts in Aggressive stance now come in a bit closer.
8- PD weapons fire no longer effective against ships and other large targets.
9- VN Homeworld no longer created for scenarios.
10- Increased pitch limits of CR and DN in combat.
11- When colonizing, output now defaults to full construction.
12- Battle riders are now scuttled when a ship is lost to boarding actions.
13- Habitat population is now included when determining the number of stations that can be built at a system.
14- It is no longer possible to colonize a system when another player's station is present.
15- Extra stations are scuttled in very rare situations where a system would otherwise end up with more than four.
16- Tweaked certain combat speech event timings (some were too frequent).
17- No longer possible to adjust construction/trade sliders after the turn ends.
18- Tweaks to stormers and AI application of them to reduce some of the cpu-burden.
19- Auto-resolve now aware of civilian and imperial population.
20- Increased fadeout distance of stations.
21- Tracking torpedoes tweaked to reduce situations where they may fire at an unwanted target.
22- Plagued systems no longer contribute to trade.
23- In general, ships are no longer issued 'all stop' on arrival to combat, so they should no longer ignore stances or get pushed permanently out of their initial formation.
24- Improved strat AI response to grand menaces.
25- Heavy beams no longer try to track drones or missiles.
26- Planetary missiles no longer track drones.
27- Revisited Locust resource mining. They can no longer sneak out resources or repair while the system is contested.
28- Increased income from Q ships.
29- Drones now respect "Hold Fire" for their banks.


Added snap points to relevant sliders on the custom game setup screen.
Added auto-pause feature to single-player games. In profile.ini: " [GameOptions] AutoPause=True " This tells the game to start encounters paused when it is possible.
Open notes button now toggles notes open/closed.
Added tech negotiation news event art.
Fleet list can now be filtered by Flagship or Deep Scan.
Slavers are back!
Rewrote AI maintenance of in-system police cutters and deep scan ships to eliminate some overbuilding and reduce turn times.
Added research bonus for killing the VN grand menace.
New avatars.
Translate Morrigi now yields an asteroid monitor research bonus.
Sections are now listed in alphabetical order in the design screen.
Sliders set to minimize burden will now stick to the minimal point when it moves. (Ex. when arcologies are researched.)
Added new 'Combat Facing' buttons to accompany stance: Target (F9), Broadside (F10), and Match Waypoint (F11). Hold CTRL for fleet-wide changes.
Increased slave output and decreased slave death rate for each language tech researched.
Trade summary now breakers freighters down by type.
Morale bonus is now awarded when a grand menace is destroyed.
News events are now posted when stations are lost.
News events are now posted for alien civilians leaving a planet.
Trade route tabs are now sticky *AND* snappy.

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