Tachyon the Fringe Patch


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Exploration-based adventures made possible through a vastly detailed universe and open-ended mission structure.
Gigantic space stations/colonies to explore
Search for rare resources and other items to help you on your quest
Two sided storyline allows player to join either GalSpan Mega-Corporation or Bora Rebel Settlers
Hire different wingman to take with you on your trek
New regions to explore as game progresses
Fly a variety of distinct space ships each with its own cockpit and unique combat characteristics
Upgrade/modify your ship with a variety of weapons and equipment
Intelligent non-scripted AI that scans unknown ships, assesses threat levels and prioritizes targets
Multiple armament types -- Laser, torpedo, and missile-based weapons
Advanced pyrotechnics and special effects
Fully integrated in-game cinematic engine
Intense large-scale multiplayer combat through NovaWorld

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