Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2000 (ver. 1.3)


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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2000 (ver. 1.3)
This upgrade addresses the following areas of the game:
Further Swing Meter Improvements
Mis-hit tuning for all levels of play.
Putting is slightly less difficult.
vBalls hit from the rough aren't penalized as much.
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2000 is online compatible with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001.
Online games with 2 or more players play faster.
Gameplay in general is slightly faster due to speed-ups between shots and between holes.
The game is now compatible with more 3D video cards.
Fixed a slave/host online scoring issue.
Fixed a crash recovery issue that was not allowing players to resume in hardware mode.
The Club Caddie has been improved.

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