Uncrossable Parallel: Green Berets Beta v1.0


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Halfe Life: Uncrossable Parallel: Green Berets Beta v1.0

Uncrossable Parallel is a modification for Half Life which features realistic and exciting gameplay.

The following list will give you a brief summary of some of the features we are including in beta 1:

Realism - Everything about the mod will be as realistic as possible. Mission objectives will be detailed and involving, teamplay will be vital, maps, sounds, weapons, firemodes will all be as authentic as possible.

Class Based System - Every player will have to select a role in the team to play. These will include sniper, recon, heavy infantry, light infantry and demolitions. A strong team will require a good mix of these classes. The class you join will decide the type of weapon you carry, you running speed, your armour level, your equipment and other factors also.
Real Teams - Uncrossable Parallel will feature two teams throughout, Green Berets and Hostiles. The hostile team will vary from map to map to be inline with the scenario, and the player skins available will reflect this. The teams will not be mirror images of each other (as in TFC) - they will instead have a totally different selection of weapons and equipment.

Balanced Weapon Distribution - There will be no purchasing of weaponry, no money and no points system. Each class will have a selection of weapons at their disposal (ie snipers will be able to select the sniper rifle they want). You will not be able to pick up a weapon from another class.

Exciting Deadly Gameplay - Uncrossable Parallel will feature highly deadly weapons. If you shoot someone, the likelyhood is that they will die from the shot. Any substantial shot to the head or torso will almost certainly kill. Stealth will be important, as will good use of authentic military tactics.

Vast Arsenal Selection - We will be including a minimum of 30 weapons in the first release. Players will be able to choose a primary and secondary weapon. No two classes will have the same weapons available to them.

Terrain based maps - Many of our maps will feature vast open terrains, never seen before in a Half-Life mod. We have developed a new mapping system which allows us to create large terrains featuring hills, allowing realistic open combat. This system is proving to radically alter the gameplay from that of other mods. Players will not be confined to walls and areas boxed in by cliffs, but can instead move realistically around the levels. The system does not add to lag or r_speeds.

Detailed Objectives System - Rather than having a limited number of scenarios in our maps we are developing a system allowing an infinte number of different objectives. Unlike CounterStrike, no two maps will use the same objectives allowing mappers to develop the most realistic gameplay any game can offer. The system we are developing could be compared in some ways to the assault mode objective capability in Unreal Tournament.

Large Selection of Maps - The planned number of maps is 12 for Beta 1. As you can see from the media page, we are by no means comprosing quality to achive this number.

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