Universal Combat Patch 2.00.01 Collector's Edition (Retail-Digital River)


Total votes: 18

1. This major upgrade is free to all owners of a pre-existing version of this
game. It requires a

previous install of v1. If you want the stand-alone version which installs
separately and does not require

a previous v1 install copy, you can buy it online for $19.99.

2. This is not a mandatory upgrade and thus will not be available via the
in-game patch updater.

3. Single player upgrade only. NO MULTIPLAYER.

4. All GBS graphics tools (PTEStudio and BCStudio) included with v1 will not
work with this version

There are no plans to upgrade them.

5. This version will update all versions of the following versions, including
patched versions.

However, you are advised to apply this only on top of a vanilla (new) v1
installation. There is no

need to apply any of the v1 patches first.

* Retail DVD-ROM

* Direct2Drive ESD

* Gamers Gate ESD

* Digital River ESD

* BMT Micro (UCSE to UCCE upgrade special offer ESD)

6. To upgrade your pre-existing UCCE v1 install do the following:

Run the v2 update and point it to your game install folder as you would a
normal patch.

WARNING: This is a one-way street. To revert back to your v1.x install, you
will have to

uninstall, kill the folder (including all files) and re-install from scratch.
Then patch

to the latest v1.x patch as normal.

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