Unreal Tournament 2003 v2166 Patch


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This Unreal Tournament 2003 patch will update your title to version 2166.
This patch includes many new features, and fixes.

Retail Patch v2166 Fix List.

Demo Recording:

Demos can be recorded either on a server, or in single player, or as a
client in a network game.
For demos recorded as a client in a network game, you cannot cycle between
players in the match.


To record a demo on your server, start the server with the ?demorec URL
parameter. For example:

ucc server dm-gael?game=xgame.xdeathmatch?demorec=mydemo

Will record the game to the demo file mydemo.dem. If you leave off the
"=mydemo.dem", the server will record a demo with a unique filename
starting at demo0001.dem, demo0002.dem etc.

You can also use the "demorec" console command at the server console to
start recording a demo after a match has started. For example, "demorec
mydemo" or just "demorec".


Use the "demoplay" console command. For example, "demoplay mydemo".
During playback, pressing Fire will cycle between the players in the
game and a free spectator camera. Pressing Alt-fire will switch between
first and 3rd person.

"demoplay mydemo?loop" will cause the demo to loop infinitely until the
"stopdemo" console command is used.

Normally demos play back capped to the frame rate at which they were
recorded. To remove this cap, use "demoplay mydemo?timedemo". This
will play the demo back as fast as possible and dump the average fps to
the console at the end of the demo. If a demo recorded at a higher
framerate than your computer is able to play it back, the demo will play
in slow motion.

The frame rate dedicated servers use when recording demos is adjustable
in UT2003.ini in the [Engine.DemoRecDriver] section. Change
NetServerMaxTickRate and LanServerMaxTickRate. The default values are
30 fps. Increasing these will increase your server CPU utilization.


- friendly fire kills affect team scores
- made players a little brighter
- allow weapon throwing with weapon stay on (but can't pick up thrown weapon
if already have that weapon),
plus added configurable gameinfo property bAllowWeaponThrowing (default
- don't spam "you are ready/not ready" messages to console before game
- fixed FFA DM overtime end conditions
- Ability to have custom announcer voices. Make a new announcer voice pack
(with the same sound names as the original AnnounceMain.uax), named
NewPackName.uax (where NewPackName = whatever you want to call it), and put
it in the ut2003sounds directory. Then, in the User.ini file (in the
UT2003system directory) change:
- fixed strafe toggle
- support longer playernames on scoreboard/HUD
- show FPH in scoreboard
- fixed flags sitting on ground in CTF-Citadel
- more minigun ammo
- really fixed 4 rocket bug
- Fixed DM-TokaraForest flags showing up
- fixed CTF-LostFaith KillZ
- spectating maintains view - when a player dies it continues to view the
player when they respawn.
- improved texture precaching, removing a few early hitches
- moved arena mutator config and maplists from user.ini to ut2003.ini
- update .ini files without overwriting them! (except for settings added or
changed since we shipped)
- fixed bug when had more than 16 bots total on custom teams
- improved translocation (less failures)
- link alt no blood
- don't lose adrenaline if switch teams to team with less players
- added Gameinfo property bAllowBehindView, server option allows behindview
in net games if true (default false)
- made lightning gun recharge match up better recharge finish (it was
playing too long)
- reduced delays between allowed voice messages
- scaled weapon and powerup pickups down some to match player size better
- spectators can go through doors/movers
- fixed catching weapons in mid air
- added DropFlag command
- adjusted distance fog in some levels to make them look crisper/higher
- if weapons are invisible, firing is centered
- added PipedSwitchWeapon exec function, to allow you to bind to weapons to
a single key by editing your user.ini, e.g.
"e=pipedswitchweapon 5 | pipedswitchweapon 7" allows you to switch to and
between the linkgun and the flakcannon.
- added configurable option bShowMessageText to TeamVoicePack, controls
whether text of non-taunt voice messages is shown.
To change this value from its default of true, add the following lines to
your user.ini file"


- added in-game personal stats (bound to F3)
- Added Server Info which includes MOTD and Rules (bound to F2)
- Added In-Game Chat Client (Similar to IRC)
- made team section of HUD scaleable
- Mouse acceleration threshold now in the menus
- FOV settings 80 to 100 in menu - FOV defaults to 85, set it to 90 to feel
more like UT
- Press f10 to cancel added to connect message
- "Blob shadows" option added to menus
- Change "corrupted connection detected" to "incompatible game files"
- Add name of weapon you are switching to to hud
- Fixed DisplayProgressMessages to only show MOTD once
- Added color codes to text messages
- Fixed MOTD to be able to handle more than 4 lines
- Add up/down key history to IRC input
- Allow double-clicking 'unreal://' and 'http://' URLs in IRC chat.
- Add colour to IRC (nicknames, join/leave messages, links etc.).
- Ctrl-C in server browser copies selected server URL
- Extra game-type tabs created automatically for installed game types
(from .int file).
- Add extra fields to server browser filter - 'dont want this mutator',
translocator, weaponstay.
- fixed blue team preference not being saved
- added configurable HUD option to not display enemy names under your
crosshair HUDbDeathMatch.bNoEnemyNames


- fixed bot aiming link shaft at crouched opponent
- BR AI improvements
- CTF AI improvements
- improved skyline bot AI
- improved bot use of ion cannon


- make sure ClientNetSpeed can't get set to 0
- improved client ping measurement
- fixed client location synchronization problem that could happen when you
fell out of a crouching height only area
- fixed bug where lost ability to fire
- fixed weapon idle animations on net clients
- fixed GetLocalPlayerController() on net clients
- fixed BR-Skyline airship in netplay
- improved smoothness for high ping clients
- fixed minplayers+stats coexistence
- admins can pause net games
- fixed combo effects showing up in net games
- *really* fixed redeemer firing bug
- Fixed bug that caused garbage collection not to occur between level
- Gamestats class is now configurable via ini
- Security actor is now configurable via ini
- Add ClientReplaceMenu in Playercontroller
- Added Admin command NextMap
- Applied fix for bug where some string checking in Web admin failed
- Fix bug in Web admin that causes "WebAdmin:" to appear twice
- Added security level checks to web admin's ServerChangeMap
- Applied fix for linux Web Admin regard hard-coded IP addresses
- Applied fix for Admin kicking via XAdmin
- Closed security hole where admins could look/set security info
- reduced ConnectionTimeout to 15 seconds
- allow players to enter as spectators in games with maxlives>0 that have
already started
- replicate weapon reload sounds
- allow admins and spectators to use behindview

Mod support:

- added ModifyVelocity() event to Pawn, to allow mods to modify physics
behavior - its called by the physics code after the velocity is updated, but
before it affects the Pawn's location.
- added mutate() replicated function for use by mutators
- fixed teamgame ReduceDamage() allows mutators to override even if
- added skeleton option to .upl player descriptions (for user created models
with different skeletons)
- Add -MainMenu= command line param
- Fixed several internal hardcoded menu links
- Fixed GUIController to always use the ini set MainMenuClass
- Propagate LevelChange() through the interaction and gui system
- Add MutatorFillPlayInfo to allow mutators to add web admin settings
- Added bContactingLevel output variable to KarmaParamsCollision.
- fixed umod installer


- Memory leak fixes: Explicitly destroy KarmaParams in
Actor::PostScriptDestroy, and
- 'new' KarmaParamsSkel instead of using BeginObject
- Fix for crash with per-tri karma collision with static meshes with no
collision data


- fixed z- pixel fog and favored it over vertex fog
- worked around vertex fog driver bug on ATI cards
- added workarounds for S3 cards like the Savage 4
- added OverrideDesktopRefreshRate option (defaults to false)


- fixed occlusion if EAX 3.0 is enabled
- play own footstep sounds with weaponbob false unless set
[UnrealGame.UnrealPawn] bPlayOwnFootSteps=false in user.ini
- more sound prioritization improvements

Retail Patch v2136 Fix List.


- suicides count against team score in TDM
- fixed attenuation flak chunk damage over distance
- reduced minigun spin up time slightly
- made shock beam effect thicker
- always keep dynamic light for shock projectile, even in low detail mode
- translocation destination adjustment bug fix
- "kdraw collision" disabled in MP
- player dies before ball gets through hoop should still get credit for
- fixed redeemer point blank shots
- double tap time invariant to gamespeed
- get rid of 03_2 use (duplicate of "three" sound)
- fixed problems with overtime not ending on first score in some situations
- fixed transloc camera sometimes taking two taps
- fixed 4 rocket bug
- fixed instagib really is instaGIB
- fixed 10 seconds before can speak again
- fixed killz in CTF-December, CTF-Face3, CTF-Citadel, and BR-IceFields
- clamped max view bob
- fixed tokara forest switching to CTF
- fix for balllauncher switchaway bug
- fixed problem with teammates grabbing the flag right when you score
- fixed No Adrenaline mutator not allowing other mutators to work
- fixed getting correct bots on configured bot games with no bots on one
- fixed falling damage bug
- straightened lightning bolt (purely visual change to make it easier to see
where you're shooting)
- fixed shieldgun impact charging effect fps slowdown
- Fix bug where ragdolls didn't turn skeletal when they fall into lava
- If there is no momentum on death, add a small random one. Reduces
ragdolls just falling to their knees.
- added mouse acceleration for improved fine aiming control. Can be turned
on by adding the following line to the [Engine.PlayerInput] section in
- added "now viewing" message when spectating
- Fixed: At end of match it says "You've lost the match" while spectating
- assault grenade faster minimum muzzle velocity
- fixed water footstep sounds sometimes not playing when touching
- no behindview cheat in net games
- Simplified using custom ragdolls. 'Ragdoll=xxxx' in the .upl file now
overrides the species ragdoll asset for the character. This approach is
compatible with the cheat protection.
- Fix screwed-up vehicle camera.
- increased skeletal mesh pool vertex buffer lifetime from 500 to
1000 frames
- rocket smoke trail whiter
- rocket launcher max ammo now 30
- improved instagib beams
- no shooting through people in classic instagib (just like it was in UT),
you can still shoot through them in zoom instagib
- fixed replicating blood spurts when hit
- improved sound positioning/attenuation
- fixed suicide spamming lagging servers
- fixed AI slowdown when can't reach player's location


- typed messages stay up on HUD longer
- don't limit chat when game is paused
- fixed joystick support in menus
- added joystick hat support
- made sure "showlog" leaves fullscreen first
- new HUD options in menus:
Number of console messages shown
Console message font size
Ability to turn on and off various pieces of the HUD
Ability to scale the HUD
- Cut and Paste in Console and server browser/edit boxes.
- Change IForce to TouchSense Mouse Settings
- Added Min/Max players to Map Selection
- Added Author Name to Map Selection for Non-Epic maps
- Add Description field for Mod Authors and hooked it to the scrolly
- Added Announcer volume control to menus
- 'Speech' binder menu in Settings.
- Mouse wheel support on speech menu. On by default, but the ut2003.ini
option bSpeechMenuUseMouseWheel turns it off.
- Letter key support in Speech Menu. The ut2003.ini option
bSpeechMenuUseLetters turns this on, and you can specify what keys it
uses in the .ini file as well.
- Fix [ALL] being at the bottom of the speech menu player list.
- added joystick hat support
- made sure "showlog" leaves fullscreen first
- fix for particle "priming"
- enabled "preferences" and made it leave fullscreen
- added support for Asian language keyboard input via IME
- fix for particle "priming"
- enabled "preferences" and made it leave fullscreen
- added support for Asian language keyboard input via IME
- 'Add IP' and 'Add Buddy' dialog's focus the edit box by default.
- can change crosshair color


- bots supporting player will grab nearby pickups
- fixed bots rotating to acquire targets too fast
- added ReactionTime parameter for bots
- fixed bots stuck in corners wanting to go to paths above
- bots go after adrenaline more


- fixed editor crash when rebuild paths with new pickupbase
- UnrealEd works on Win98


- added option to cap framerate in netplay (on by default). This improves
client smoothness by keeping client physics updates more in sync with
server. Its controlled
in your UT2003.ini file in the [Engine.LevelInfo] section by bCapFramerate.
- improved ping measurement shown in scoreboard
- F6 bound to "stat net" again
- improved client movement on jumppads
- Buddy list wildcards
- Master server cheat protection MD5 support
- Removed server connect() 10054 warning
- servers no longer don't reconnect to master server on authentication
- Show server ip in server browser
- Remove ICMP logspam by default
- IRC client under 'Chat' tab in Server Browser.
- Added 'Server Browser' button in-game so you can view servers/chat
without leaving game.
- Remove spurious qhull-related warnings at the console eg. when running
a server.
- Removed a lot of server log spam
- added AdminSay function which works from log window
- overtime ends if no one left on server
- stats compatible with minplayers > 0 (stats start when number of bots
drops to 0)
- fixed bug allowing bots to be added by admins in stats enabled games
- dedicated servers don't need to load skins/meshes/voices
- server CPU improvements (don't find actor channel reference twice)
- fixed server memory leak


- fixed CD check problems on some machines


- fix for SiS 315 and other TnL cards only exposing one vertex stream
- better debug output for certain fatal failures
- better handling of running out of memory in default pool
- possible fix for UD3DRenderDevice::Unlock crash
- fix for "CreateVertexBuffer failed (D3DERR_INVALIDCALL)" crash
- made code respect D3DTEXOPCAPS_MODULATEALPHA_ADDCOLOR caps bit
- fixed case that led to an invalid stage setup in certain scenarios
- more Voodoo 3/5 & G400 workarounds (never sending more than 2
- better error message for UnSetRes
- changed error message for crash inside D3D8::DrawIndexedPrimitive
- now tries system memory pool if allocation in default pool fails even
after evicting all managed resources
- made FAuxRenderTarget destructor flush rendering resources
- added AvoidHitches" option to the D3D renderer which might
be useful for people with 64 MByte cards that play on high detail settings.
It significantly reduces the occurrence of substantial hitches, but slightly
reduces average framerate.


- replaced 8x8 dummy texture with 1x1 texture
- increased VARSize from 20 to 32
- added code to correctly fill in GMachineVideo
- implemented DesiredRefreshRate
- implemented ReduceMouseLag
- friendly error message when trying to run the Editor
- implemented missing case where neither NV_texture_env_combine4 nor
ATI_texture_env_combine3 are exposed
- changed VAR code to try smaller VAR ranges before giving up

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