Unreal Tournament: Thievery Beta 1.4


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Thievery is the name of the project that hopes to bring the award-winning gameplay and style of Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age to an Unreal Tournament based multi-player and single-player format, that does justice to Looking Glass Software's artistic vision for a Thief Multi-player game that was planned before they sadly closed due to financial problems.

General Fixes:

* Visibility meter works properly.
* Floating door handles fixed.
* KOing an AI doesn't add more than 10 points to score.
* Infinite flare exploit removed.
* Invisible stalker exploit removed.
* Uncrouching in vents bug is fixed.
* Fixed misc bugs with the scouting orb.
* Fixed a bug where fires and other damaging actors wouldn't hurt crouched thieves.
* Added mutators button to the start multiplayer game screen.

AI Fixes:

* Bots can no longer open locked doors they do not have a key for
* Bots try to pick alternate paths when they encounter locked doors
* New Investigation code - thieves should be less magnetic to bots now
* 1-hit death for unaware bots reimplemented
* Bots light flares and investigate if they see a teammate die in shadows
* Fixed that error that caused lots and lots and lots (and lots) of crashes
* Slightly tweaked bot skill settings when combined with server skill setting
* Bots can now use doors that need buttons pressed to be opened - note that the bot uses telekenesis to press the buttons, so don't be alarmed if it looks like they're cheating
* Bot sight range limit when seeing doused torches raised from 512 to 768
* Bots can fall off ledges when cracked or blinded
* Bots are now less firebolt-happy
* Bots are less accurate when tagging hidden snipers
* Fixed bug that caused bots to think they were being sniped when they weren't
* Accuracy when shooting at hidden thieves (i.e. not snipers) increased a bit
* Lessened CPU usage of TSuspiciousThings
* Fixed a bug with blood splats counting as pools when they weren't
* Bots will investigate blood splats if there is a thief nearby, else they will be ignored - gives thieves an incentive to hide blood splats if they are gonna stick around (this is the same as bots' handling of corpses)
* New patrol point type: TPatrolPointSplitter - lets the bots take different paths in the same route in a random or ordered fashion
* Fixed bug with bots holding flare and weapon at the same time
* Fixed bug that caused 'infinite loop' crashes with certain configurations of patrol routes

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