UT2003 Excessive Overkill v2.1 Mod


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Excessive Overkill is a modifcation for Unreal Tournament 2003 that makes all the weapons super-powerful, gives players regenerating health, ammo, and turns off self damage.

List of changes in 2.1

*Fixed priority or weapons to use epic default priorities
*FlameThrower napalm, spawns 3 flame globs that spread on impact
*New 3rd person flame thrower model
*Flame thower skin modified
*Added the flame thrower static mesh pickup
*Flame thrower displays in the weapon database
*Fixed flame thrower water crashing
*Added steam effects if flames touch water
*Fixed flame thrower wait anim that turns off pilot
*Added flame thrower ammo logo on HUD
*Fixed not being able to set Excessive weapon priorites through the weapon database
*Added New Ion cannon ( 3 Ion Cannons Per 1 in map ) causes unstable ionic field
*Fixed painter switching bug online
*Fixed Guided Redeemer Warhead explosion to only spawn remaining rocket ammo
*Fixed spawning rockets from primary Redeemer projectile impact to seek only the other team or if it can't find one, a random player start
*Fixed assault rifle ammo 1 bug
*Fixed speed portion of Insane Combo not functioning
*Fixed the invisibility portion of Combo Insane not lasting the duration of the combo
*Random Teleport much more random :)
*Random teleport with BR ball drops ball
*Tweaked some weapon push on BR ball
*Added range to the BR ball
*More easily lock onto BR team members for passing
*Tweaked most weapons momentum push on BR ball
*Made bio globs float on water
*Slightly reduced rocket max speed
*Removed gametypes ( only run as a mutator )
*Fixed weapons stats not displaying correctly at end of game ( press F3 )
*Added more configurable options in mutator config gui
*Added Excessive Menu Music
*Added bindable Excessive keys in the standard UT2003 controls menu (must have full download of Excessive)
*Added a menu for advanced game settings
*Added Menu Credit list

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