Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Unofficial Patch v6.4


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+) denotes changes only available to Plus Edition players
Changes in 6.4:

+Corrected Venture Tower Dominated guard timer to be plus patch only.
+Adjusted reload sound of Dragon Breath and fixed new Mitnick quest.
+Increased Dragon's Breath and crossbow damage and lowered ammo cost.
+Added missing inspection nodes for throwing star and warrens GLOCK.
+Fixed Tremere domination for Trip and added one for the hotel clerk.
Corrected replacing Lily giving no xp and fixed Lily on beach line.
Repaired bad elevator button at Empire hotel and Dima not attacking.
Fixed Knox's and Johansen's secret issues and phone start in diner.
Corrected Beckett's bonus dialogue once more and minor text details.
All dialogue files checked for similar bugs, thanks to RobinHood70.
Added two quest states regarding the Gargoyle, Isaac and the Regent.
Made talisman locker not disappear and fixed Nadia dialogue issues.
Changed camera spot icons at Tawni's place and removed notice timer.
Fixed endgame floating astrolite and near dead patient standing up.

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