The War Engine Patch v1.03


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Fixes all known bugs, adds features, enhancements, including a transport driver addition! This is a must have!

Version 1.03 (see the readme txt for complete list)
1) Game: Fixed a bug that allowed the AI to unload in stances it wasn't allowed to

2) Game: Weapons in slots 50 and above now act correctly.

3) Game: Fixed a bug that sometimes didn't allow you to end a turn when the entire army was gone.

4) Game: Can no longer undo a move once you enter Dangerous Terrain.

5) Game: Corrected the AI "Aggressively attack Enemy" mission so it always moves up to the enemy.

6) Editor: Viewing angle is now properly updated when choosing "Copy these stats from Unit"

7) Game: Rule Change - Can no longer turn vehicles that are stunned. They can only move straight.

8) Game: Rule Change - Can no longer Retreat during PBEM games.

9) Game: Rule Change - If a unit does not have enough MPs to enter a square, its MPs will drop to zero, but its Endurance is no longer reduced.

10) Game: AI is much braver with its transports now - won't bail at the first sign of danger.

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